26 May 2013

Pop Art Bitch

It seems like only yesterday that the Lichtenstein exhibition was opening at the Tate Modern which is why I have put off going to see it. You don't want to go see an exhibition when it is too new as the queues and crowds will be unbearable. Likewise, you don't want to go see an exhibition when it's coming to the end of the line as everyone will be rushing to see it. Especially on a Bank Holiday weekend. However, sometimes you forget that it's May and that three months have passed since the exhibition you wanted to see opened and that the last day you are going to be able to see it falls during the sodding Bank Holiday weekend. Just me?

The exhibition was set up over thirteen rooms, each showing a different facet of the artist. My favourite room was number four: War and Romance. I actually missed this room as I thought you could link up with it further around so had to walk all the way back from room thirteen - agg! I am so glad I went back for it though as it was the best room by far. I love the basis in comic strips for this room; the typography really adds to the story of the painting (not surprisingly). 

I went to the exhibition on my own which was such a good call. I had no distractions, I didn't feel the need to slow down or speed up, or talk about the pieces, I could just take from it what I wanted and really enjoy the works. It also helped me wiggle my way through the hoards of tourists and fellow art lovers who I appreciate but who annoy the hell out of me as they are sooooo s...l...o....w. 

I am glad that I made the effort to drag myself out of bed to go see the Lichtenstein exhibition. I have long been a fan of the pop artist but was a bit worried that the exhibition wouldn't offer much that I haven't seen. Boy was I wrong. It has been a long time since I have felt so inspired to just draw. Not draw for the blog or draw for someone else but just go back to basics and draw the things around me to keep up the skill. Bit late now as it's the last day of the exhibition tomorrow but if you can get to see it, DO!

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