17 May 2013

Latest H&M Haul

I really need to stop walking past H&M. I know I have been saying this for nearly a year but I really need to start exercising some self control. There is no such thing as popping in to H&M for a look. I ALWAYS come out with something. Lucky that the prices are reasonable or I would be in serious financial trouble. 

Now H&M is cheap but £1.99 for these cropped vests is ridonculous! How could I pass up such a bargain? The idea was that I will wear these to the gym as it doesn't really matter if they get all sweaty and gross. Saying I will wear them to the gym is wildly optimistic as a) I haven't been to the gym in 6 months and b) I don't actually have a gym membership at the moment. Ooops. 

How cool are these leggings! I am no spring chicken any more but boy do I like to dress like one. I think I always will (I will be that old lady that everyone comments on like 'Wow! Talk about mutton!'. I can't wait!). I had the same idea of wearing these to the gym as I like wearing leggings when I work out. Again, need to get that membership thing sorted to start wearing these lovelies. 

I saw somebody wearing these trousers on the tube and they looked amazing. I was so glad to find them in H&M on offer for £7.99. The pattern is really classy, especially in the beautiful china blue. I am thinking these will be perfect for a summer wedding. 

Not much to say about these really. Love the simple elegance of the necklace. The sunglasses case did not photograph well; it's actually an amazing neon coral colour. I purchased it with a DIY project in mind so you may see it pop up again at some point. 

You didn't really expect me to go into H&M without buying more nail polish did you? When buying nail varnish I have a stupid habit of buying colours that mesh well together. This is a bit weird as I will probably never wear them at the same time but I can't seem to help it. Love these muted, girly colours. As you can see, Norwegian Sky is my favourite. 

So we have learnt today that I am an H&M-aholic and that I need to gets me a gym membership in order to wear my new work out clothes. 


  1. Love those nail polishes!


    1. They're cute aren't they? I just can't stop myself!x