19 May 2013

Heart of Glass

Home improvements are going well. our bathroom is well on its way to being ready; it looks lovely. I will post some pics of the process when it's all done. My step-dad and the boyf have done all of the hard grafting. As I am no good at the DIY stuff I buy pretty things for when it's all ready.

My latest home haul is from dotcomgiftshop.com. I bought some pretty vintage-inspired glass bottles, a little glass jar, some chalk to go with the chalk paint I purchased, and a little metal kitchen sign to go on my picture wall in the, er, kitchen (doh). 

Love these ye olde jars. Perfect for flowers and cotton wool pads! I didn't realise that the pharmacy bottle had a lid until after I had popped the roses in. Not sure what else to put in there. Any ideas?

We have lots of shells from our world travels as the boyf hunts them out whenever we meet the sea. This glass jar is a cute new house for all the pretty shells to live. 

I LOVE this little milk bottle crate with mini milk bottles. You can put flowers in them for a fun arrangement. Or serve cocktails with little straws for when your friends come around. I should have got a better picture of this for you - soz!

This nesting is really quite tiring. I cannot wait for everything to be finished so that I can start putting all my little bits and pieces around the house. 


  1. Such a good idea!