29 May 2013

What a Pickle(s)

Oh my gosh, would you look at who arrived in the post today....

So exciting. My last Marc by Marc iPhone case (Shorty) didn't fit my new phone and, as I had only had him for a few months, I took to Ebay to bag a  bargain. That's where I picked up Pickles, another Marc classic. I am in love. If you don't remember Shorty (I have forgotten where I blogged about him) he was a slinky black and white number. Pickles is an in-your-face neon yellow LAD with attitude. Boo-ya!

I used to be called Pickles by one of my high school besties so this phone case reminds me of some fun times. LOVE! 
Being from Ebay and super cheap I'm not convinced that Pickles is a genuine Marc by Marc product but the quality is exactly the same as my real one and I really couldn't justify spending another £40 on a phone case. I love Pickles but I already have my eye on the Rue case which is also on Ebay for a very reasonable £7. Too much?

27 May 2013

This Charming Life: Annina Vogel

photos from Annina Vogel website

I am a little bit obsessed with Annina Vogel and her mahoossive collection of vintage charms. I was walking past the counter in Liberty the other day and realised I had been ogling the little charms for waaaay too long. They are just so cute I couldn't help myself!

This is my favourite charm at the mo. It is available on the Liberty website so you can check it out. If only I had more funds this would be at the top of my shopping list. Look at his cute little purple eyes! 

LOVE this bracelet. It is so delicate and beautiful and expensive :( £6500???? Little bit out of my price range. I wonder if Primark do a similar one?! The antique gold chain on the bracelet is gorgeous and so unusual. One lucky lady will get to own this - bit sad it won't be me. 

image from Liberty website

This little fella is a bit more in my price range. Hooked up to a gold chain he would look super cute but I feel like he would need friends and then I would end up spending a fortune. 

I do actually have a charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo that I love but I don't wear all that often because it is silver and I tend to wear yellow gold jewellery now days. So really I need an Annina Vogel necklace don't I?? 

Do any of you own any Annina Vogel jewellery? Would you recommend it?

26 May 2013

Pop Art Bitch

It seems like only yesterday that the Lichtenstein exhibition was opening at the Tate Modern which is why I have put off going to see it. You don't want to go see an exhibition when it is too new as the queues and crowds will be unbearable. Likewise, you don't want to go see an exhibition when it's coming to the end of the line as everyone will be rushing to see it. Especially on a Bank Holiday weekend. However, sometimes you forget that it's May and that three months have passed since the exhibition you wanted to see opened and that the last day you are going to be able to see it falls during the sodding Bank Holiday weekend. Just me?

The exhibition was set up over thirteen rooms, each showing a different facet of the artist. My favourite room was number four: War and Romance. I actually missed this room as I thought you could link up with it further around so had to walk all the way back from room thirteen - agg! I am so glad I went back for it though as it was the best room by far. I love the basis in comic strips for this room; the typography really adds to the story of the painting (not surprisingly). 

I went to the exhibition on my own which was such a good call. I had no distractions, I didn't feel the need to slow down or speed up, or talk about the pieces, I could just take from it what I wanted and really enjoy the works. It also helped me wiggle my way through the hoards of tourists and fellow art lovers who I appreciate but who annoy the hell out of me as they are sooooo s...l...o....w. 

I am glad that I made the effort to drag myself out of bed to go see the Lichtenstein exhibition. I have long been a fan of the pop artist but was a bit worried that the exhibition wouldn't offer much that I haven't seen. Boy was I wrong. It has been a long time since I have felt so inspired to just draw. Not draw for the blog or draw for someone else but just go back to basics and draw the things around me to keep up the skill. Bit late now as it's the last day of the exhibition tomorrow but if you can get to see it, DO!

21 May 2013

Chacarron Macaron: Laduree vs Pierre Herme

It's no secret that I love Pierre Hermes macarons. I've blogged about them here. And here. I just can't get enough of the sugary devils. My loyalty to PH left me reluctant to try out his biggest rival in the macaron world, the infamous Laduree. I know that people rave about Laduree but I really don't get it. The macarons just aren't great; the texture is too heavy and the flavours are bland. It's safe to say that I have not been converted. 

I  have tried Laduree macarons in Rose, Pistachio, Vanilla, Raspberry, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate. The rose flavour is probably my favourite. I don't like chocolate macarons so I am not really including them when I say that the salted caramel one was my least favourite. Instead of a light ganache in the centre there was actual caramel which was too heavy and sickly. Total disappointment. 

Maybe I am being a bit too harsh on the Parisian pretties. The packaging is super cute, much more my taste than that of Pierre Herme (sshhh, don't tell him I said that). Packaging is important as it makes them feel more special even if the flavours aren't as inventive. 

One more reason to love Pierre Herme? Here you go: 

Blair: Why aren't you in Europe?
Chuck: I was. In Paris only to get your favourite macaroons from Pierre Herme. 

I rest my case!

19 May 2013

Heart of Glass

Home improvements are going well. our bathroom is well on its way to being ready; it looks lovely. I will post some pics of the process when it's all done. My step-dad and the boyf have done all of the hard grafting. As I am no good at the DIY stuff I buy pretty things for when it's all ready.

My latest home haul is from dotcomgiftshop.com. I bought some pretty vintage-inspired glass bottles, a little glass jar, some chalk to go with the chalk paint I purchased, and a little metal kitchen sign to go on my picture wall in the, er, kitchen (doh). 

Love these ye olde jars. Perfect for flowers and cotton wool pads! I didn't realise that the pharmacy bottle had a lid until after I had popped the roses in. Not sure what else to put in there. Any ideas?

We have lots of shells from our world travels as the boyf hunts them out whenever we meet the sea. This glass jar is a cute new house for all the pretty shells to live. 

I LOVE this little milk bottle crate with mini milk bottles. You can put flowers in them for a fun arrangement. Or serve cocktails with little straws for when your friends come around. I should have got a better picture of this for you - soz!

This nesting is really quite tiring. I cannot wait for everything to be finished so that I can start putting all my little bits and pieces around the house. 

17 May 2013

Latest H&M Haul

I really need to stop walking past H&M. I know I have been saying this for nearly a year but I really need to start exercising some self control. There is no such thing as popping in to H&M for a look. I ALWAYS come out with something. Lucky that the prices are reasonable or I would be in serious financial trouble. 

Now H&M is cheap but £1.99 for these cropped vests is ridonculous! How could I pass up such a bargain? The idea was that I will wear these to the gym as it doesn't really matter if they get all sweaty and gross. Saying I will wear them to the gym is wildly optimistic as a) I haven't been to the gym in 6 months and b) I don't actually have a gym membership at the moment. Ooops. 

How cool are these leggings! I am no spring chicken any more but boy do I like to dress like one. I think I always will (I will be that old lady that everyone comments on like 'Wow! Talk about mutton!'. I can't wait!). I had the same idea of wearing these to the gym as I like wearing leggings when I work out. Again, need to get that membership thing sorted to start wearing these lovelies. 

I saw somebody wearing these trousers on the tube and they looked amazing. I was so glad to find them in H&M on offer for £7.99. The pattern is really classy, especially in the beautiful china blue. I am thinking these will be perfect for a summer wedding. 

Not much to say about these really. Love the simple elegance of the necklace. The sunglasses case did not photograph well; it's actually an amazing neon coral colour. I purchased it with a DIY project in mind so you may see it pop up again at some point. 

You didn't really expect me to go into H&M without buying more nail polish did you? When buying nail varnish I have a stupid habit of buying colours that mesh well together. This is a bit weird as I will probably never wear them at the same time but I can't seem to help it. Love these muted, girly colours. As you can see, Norwegian Sky is my favourite. 

So we have learnt today that I am an H&M-aholic and that I need to gets me a gym membership in order to wear my new work out clothes. 

13 May 2013

Mint Condition

I gots me a little mint nail polish addiction that I can't seem to cure. I don't know what it is about mint but I just can't get enough. The shade works in all seasons because it is pastelly enough for Spring/Summer but muted enough for Autumn/Winter. 

This is a relatively new purchase and the only Bourjois nail polish I own. It applies nicely as the brush is very good quality. It is a pale polish so needs a couple of coats to become streak-free. 

Again, this is a new purchase as I felt I really didn't have quite enough mint polishes! It's quite a small bottle for £4.99 but I love this colour (yes it is different from the others). This is one of my fave mint polishes as it's really subtle. 

I absolutely adore this colour. It is the most vivid mint that I own and works really well for S/S. I have a general crush on H&M nail polishes anyway as they are cheap but good quality. They don't chip too much and new colours are introduced regularly. 

Topshop nail polishes are another beauty crush of mine. I think this is my fave mint nail polish in the bunch. It is a really beautiful shade and the one that works best for all seasons. 

This is my oldest mint polish. I bought it soon after Chanel's 'Jade' sold out in a matter of minutes as it was not exactly the same but the most similar on the high street. I have loved it ever since - it's an oldie but a goody. 

  1. Amande Defile 2. Perle de Jade 3. Gone Fishing 4. Mint Madness 5. Mint Green

I want to try Essie's 'Mint Candy Apple' but I'm not sure if I can justify spending £10 on another mint nail polish. Plus I can't say that I am the biggest fan of Essie polishes so I could probably live without it in my life. 

Do you have any out of control nail polish obsessions?

11 May 2013

May Wish List

Back from Vienna and back to bidness blog-wise. I have neglected this poor thing for the last few weeks due to the new pad but I have organised my things and am (hopefully) back on track to posting regularly.

My wish list this month consists mostly of pencil skirts. I saw a feature in InStyle and am now obsessed with the idea of pretty pencil skirts with cropped white tees. I have a wedding or two to attend this Summer and think this is perfect guest attire. The higher waist on the pencil skirt means that midriff is kept to a minimum. Anyhoo, here's what's on the list: 

1. Bag, £795, Anya Hindmarch I have huge love for Anya Hindmarch bags I just wish that they were a bit cheaper. The colour of this ladylike number is really pretty; it reminds me of Parma Violets - my favourite soap-flavoured treat. 

2. Zebra Dress, £400, Thakoon Addition Jungle fever is upon us with designers like Kenzo setting the standard for the fun theme. This dress is great because the pastel orange keeps it fresh yet understated. 

3. Sunglasses, £10, Aldo I have seen pretty much these exact glasses in Urban Outfitters for twice the price so these are a bargain. Saying this I already have the tools for a DIY pair so watch this space for a tutorial soon. 

4. Perspex Heels, £80, Aldo White shoes have lost a bit of their slapper stigma and have started to make an appearance in the mags again. I think their reputation only adds to their appeal (kind of makes them retro chic, no?) so cannot wait to get my hands on a pair. The perspex heel on this Aldo pair makes them bang on trend. 

5. Earrings, £740, Percossi Papi OK so I will never own these earrings but a girl can dream. They are fun and beautiful and I would really like them but know that I would not wear them enough to justify the hefty price tag. 

6. Sunglasses, £42, Le Specs Alabama Worley is one of my style heroes and I have been looking for a pair of her sunglasses forever. Carrera do a pair that are close but they are a bit pricey. These Le Specs ones are not all that close but they are still cute and I love the pinkish colour of the lens. 

7. Studded Collar, £7.99, New Look Easiest way to spruce up your look - add a collar. 

8. Yellow Pencil Skirt, £35, ASOS Love the colour of this skirt. The shape is interesting but I don't actually think it would flatter my figure all that much. Still, with a pair of heels I'm sure I could make it work. 

9. Floral Skirt, £303, Alberta Ferretti I love this skirt but the price tag means that it shan't be gracing my wardrobe with its presence any time soon. I would love to find a similar one on the high street as it is perfect for the wedding outfit I have in mind. 

10. Leopard Print Skirt, £163, Just Cavalli Love, love, LOVE this skirt. It's outrageous and perfect for Summer night drinks. If only I worked in an office where this was acceptable attire. 

So there you have my little lust list for May. Please let me know if you find some Alabama True Romance sunglasses. If you aren't sure what they look like you can see them here

What are you wishing for in May?

9 May 2013

So Mystic And Soulful. Oh, Vienna.

This weekend I went on a little city break to Vienna with the boyf, my dad, and my step-mum. We went to fulfil my gran's last wishes of being part-scattered in her homeland. Although the trip was taken to serve a serious purpose we enjoyed the city as much as possible and had a really good time. 

I have always had an affinity with the German language and culture due, I think, to being a quarter Austrian. I felt very much at home in Vienna; the people are super friendly and relaxed and the city itself is incredibly beautiful. I didn't speak as much German as I would have liked but I certainly had fun refreshing my memory of the language and learning some new words: 


Vienna is jam-packed full of museums so even if you don't think you are into art or history, there will be something for you to enjoy. I visited Belvedere and the Leopold as I am obsessed with Egon Schiele - probably my biggest influence art-wise. I really wanted to go to the fake art museum as it seemed interesting but it was closed on the day I strolled past. 

Natural History Museum/Parliament/Belvedere/Hundertwasser

We went to the Prater on Saturday evening. For some reason I felt like this funfair was from a bygone era. Maybe because I used so many darn filters on my phone it was like flipping through a book of old photies. My dad and step-mum went on the famous Ferris wheel but I am petrified of heights so if I do rides they need to be fast. I dragged the boyf onto a little roller-coaster which I don't think he enjoyed very much but I did. We had more fun taking photos though. 

Balloons/Swing/Ferris Wheel/Sweets

Sunday was dedicated to carrying my gran to the Viennese woods for her final resting place. Unfortunately we were told by the concierge that getting to the woods would take more than half a day  as they are actually situated quite a long way out of the city centre. The best course of action agreed by all was to take the tram to the end of the line in pretty Grinzing, get the bus to Kahlenberger and stroll up to Leopoldsberg. 

The view from Kahlenberger was spectacular. You can see the whole city spread before your eyes edged by the vast Danube. Pure beauty. 

Blue Danube/Haltestelle/Blumen Cart/Woodland

Vienna was perfect. I recommend it to anyone wanting a city break as it really has it all: cool eateries and hotels, art, museums, not-so-cool eateries, sprawling pavements, city bikes, strudels, Sachertorte, and the tastiest pretzels I've ever had.