6 April 2013

Spring Nails

The Sun is starting to show his face again and so, despite the bitter cold wind, I have started thinking of Spring again. I am hoping that the cold weather now is a small price to pay for the scorching hot Summer we are going to have. We are going to have a hot Summer aren't we? Anyway, now that Spring is well and truly here I thought I would share with you the colours I will be adorning my talons with this season. 

Unfortunately my spring nail palette is a tad predictable as it is fully loaded with pastel shades. I must admit that recently my shades have been a bit wintry due to the fact that I am still rocking my A/W clothes but from now on I will be wearing pretty pastels to get me in the mood. 

I heart Spring!

These are my top five nail polishes for Spring at the mo. I also wanted Topshop's 'Peaches and Cream' but I ran out of fingers! 

These five are actually quite cold pastels. I think I chose them in homage to the chilly weather (sorry to keep talking about it but it was snowing the other day. That's right - SNOW. In APRIL! It's not right). If it were warmer I might go for a bit of a Candy Stripe like the one in my post a few days ago. 

Hopefully the Sun will make some more appearances in the coming days/weeks/months so that we can all start wearing pastels without looking like the hopeless optimists we are. I also want to start wearing my floral jeans again so it HAS to get warmer. I demand it!

What colours are you guys looking forward to wearing this Spring?


  1. Wow,so beautiful colors.*__*
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    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I like your blog too! x

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