4 April 2013

Dad's Day: The Start of Summer?

Last time I wrote about a day out with my dad it was the end of Summer. It was warm and sunny, I was wearing florals, we sat in a park, and we enjoyed some frozen yoghurt. Last week when I saw my dad it was supposed to be the start of Summer. It was freezing cold, I was wearing a jumper and a coat, and we enjoyed coffee a plenty. It was still fun though. 

First stop: The Shard. With dad being an architect it was only natural that he should want to scale London's wonder tower. I on the other hand am terrified of heights but I have been up the Empire State so this pointy little amateur should be easy, right? Unfortunately I didn't get to find out as the next available tickets weren't until four hours too late. Maybe next time.   

As we couldn't get tickets for London Bridge's tourist attraction a la mode we headed for some lunch at Borough Market. It was bloody heaving. Damn the Easter weekend crowds. We went for coffee and a cake at a little patisserie at the entrance to the market. The cakes looked super enticing from the outside but the cafe was totally overpriced. I don't think the waitress had ever heard of 'service with a smile' as she was a tad on the vicious side. £16 for two drinks and two slices of distinctly average cakes = pa-ricey! Next time we'll stick to Wagamama's with the free green tea. 

When we burrowed deep into the market I started doing the standard blogger thing and snapped away at everything like a real tourist. Having been a veggie for 15 years the sight of dead bunnies with plastic bags over their heads for the blood was a little vom inducing but I have an odd fascination with death so obvs needed a photie. 

At the time I marvelled at my first cherry blossom of the Spring/Summer. Now I feel like this tree duped me into thinking that warmer climes were just around the corner. I'll let it off because it's so pretty but I'm not happy about being lied to!

After trying to see the Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern and finding for the second time that tickets weren't available for a good five hours we found comfort in the good old National Gallery. I haven't been in such a long time so it was good to take another look at some of the paintings that got me so excited about art as a child; Rousseau's 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm'  is a particular fave. 

After browsing several rooms at the National Gallery (mostly the Impressionist offerings) dad and I wandered to Caffe Nero for a little refreshment. I got my first ever mocha. Not a huge fan to be honest. Next time I'll stick to my latte. 

When we had done relaxing in the warmth of Nero we took a stroll around the block to go and meet my step-mum at the National Portrait Gallery. I love the NPG and it was nice to see some new portraits since my last visit. Although I'm not a huge royalist, the portrait of Kate Middleton was really lovely. 

Galleried out after the third of the day,  my dad, my step-mum, the boyf and I headed to Mishkin's in Covent Garden for dinner. I love Mishkin's as it has hearty, well-priced food with an amazingly warm and hip atmosphere. I loved the Beatles choonage that was occurring when we arrived. 

With a full belly I headed home after another jam-packed day out with me pops. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long for another one. 

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