3 April 2013

365 Day Challenge Catch Up

OK so I have been a bit bad with this challenge recently. I haven't posted for the past few weeks. I don't think my heart is really in it any more. Maybe it never was. I haven't completely given up just yet but I fear I may not see this challenge through to the end. I will try my bestest but I think I just prefer my life in colour. Here's a round-up of the last few weeks in black and white...

Week Eleven

Day Seventy One: Health Kick(ish) Having over indulged in food and drink recently I opted for a healthy dinner of avacado, halloumi, and houmous wrap. Probably shouldn't have opted for the glass of rose though. 
Day Seventy Two: In Good Company Although I buy Elle and Vogue every month I think Company is the only mag that I currently look forward to reading. 
Day Seventy Three: Diner for Dinner Dinner with the lovely JS at the Diner. Always love their burgers as they have great veggie options. 
Day Seventy Four: Let's Burn Shit Up The boy burning cardboard in the garden. It absolutely stank. 
Day Seventy Five: Daffodil Nails Pics of nail polish really don't work in b&w. This is a lovely shade of yellow which I will report on later in the month. I bought it in Wilkinson's for £1. Bargain. 
Day Seventy Six and Seventy Seven: EPIC FAIL! Scrolling through my pics to set up these collages and absolutely no b&w pics for these days. Apologies!

Week Twelve

Day Seventy Eight: Cookie Flop Following on from my baking fiasco last month I tried cookies. They turned into a cake. Oops! Despite this I think I am a baking goddess as the cookie/cake tasted bloody amazing. One of the best things I've ever tasted. Fact.
Day Seventy Nine: New Addiction I know they aren't as healthy as they seem but I am totally addicted to Innocent smoothies. This one is my current fave even though I don't actually like carrots. Odd. 
Day Eighty: Seedling Our garden should really be the last thing on my mind as the inside of our flat is a shambles but I couldn't resist picking up some seeds on another trip to Wilkinson's. I have never had a garden so it's a bit exciting having little flowers of my own. 
Day Eighty One: Woody Wood Burner My lovely dad lugged this lovely wood burner over from France so that we can have a toasty winter. This will  be the boyf's little doer-upper project. 
Day Eighty Two: Snow Storm Can't see the snow too well in this pic but it was coming down thick and fast.
Day Eighty Three: Oh Dear! Bless my mum. 
Day Eighty Four: Two Fish in a Tank To save the boy from having to work through the night I tanked the bathroom. ME! Doing DIY! Bloody miracle. Unfortunately my jeans got wrecked.

Week Thirteen

Day Eighty Five: Tile Excitement So happy to see our tiles arrive. Our little bathroom is eventually going to get dressed. Woop!
Day Eighty Six: Aubergine Bake I never used to like aubergine but cooked properly it actually has a really nice flavour. The bake I made was so cheesy it was a bit ridiculous. I loved it, even if my arteries didn't. 
Day Eighty Seven: Nailed! Midway through another holiday and what more can I do but paint my nails? Yes I could go out and live a little but why bother when I am so content with a cup of tea and a bit of nail art?
Day Eighty Eight: Dad's Day Out and about in London with dad today. Lots of fun but too long a wait to go up the Shard. Maybe next time. 
Day Eighty Nine: I Love This Plath Started a new book - The Bell Jar. Watch this space for a review when I'm done. Enjoying it so far. 
Day Ninety: Who Is This Man? Thanks Jehovah's Witnesses for reminding me what Easter is all about with your creepy flyer. 
Day Ninety One: Shower Time I'm sorry but it's another snap of the bathroom. We have tiles on the wall!! 

Sorry to bore you to death with endless black and white snaps. I will try to do this every week but I think I have said that before and failed miserably. If I give up on this challenge I will let you know but I really am going to try and keep it up. Any tips for staying motivated will be greatly appreciated. 

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