14 April 2013

Daffodil Lament

And the daffodils look lovely today
Daffodil Lament - The Cranberries

What a day! I don't know about the rest of the country but London was beautiful today at a sweltering 20 degrees! Unfortunately I had to work but still managed to enjoy snippets of the sunshine throughout the day. We had some lovely daffodils from Wild at Heart in our staff room which put me in the mood for Summer. That's right, one warm day and I have progressed from Spring to Summer. 

I love daffodils; they are under-rated I feel. Simple, pretty little things in't they?

I picked up this pretty yellow nail polish in Wilkinson's for £1. I managed to get the colour opaque in three coats which isn't too bad for a yellow varnish. For the price I was quite pleased with the quality of this nail polish. It is a warm yellow shade with a little shimmer - perfect for the sunshine. 

I cannot wait for the warm weather to really kick in. Then I will be able to stop talking about it and gets to thinking about my Summer wardrobe. I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine today. I am off to enjoy some pasta and wine with the boyf. 

10 April 2013

April Wish List

Thank God that Spring is finally in the air. The Earth appears to be warming up beneath my feet and the longer days seem to be brightening everyone's mood. Halle-frickin'-lujah"! 

Here's what I am lusting after this month....

1. Lip Crayon, Look, £6.00 each I have been wanting a lip crayon for a while now to try out as an alternative to wearing lippie every day. These Look ones are reasonably priced so I may give them a go. 

2. Satchel, Cambridge Satchel Company, £115 I bloody love the Google advert for these Satchels but I have never really thought about getting one as I know that, although they are quite big, they don't actually fit much in them. However, this lilac one is so cute and you can get it personalised! You can't make it out in this pic but the writing says 'to have and to hold' - what a great wedding gift for a blushing bride to be. I would probably just get my initials or something boring like that. 

3. Biker Jacket, M&S, £49.50 I really want a classic black leather jacket but this is a great version for Summer. The bargainous price makes me assume that this isn't real leather so I would have to go and cop a feel before investing but I just love that colour. 

4. BB Court Shoes, Manolo Blahnik, £440 Every girl needs a classic black court shoe and where better to buy from than Manolo? 

5. Jumper, George at Asda, £12 Spring may be here but the weather most certainly isn't t-shirt worthy.  This neon jumper is perfect for battling the colder winds and layering over jersey tops. 

6. Peach Brogues, ASOS, £45 I love a brogue and these are a great colour for this time of year. They would look great with black trousers or a cute dungaree dress. 

7. Hannah Enamel Torque Necklace, very.co.uk, £16 Statement necklaces completely transform outfits. I am a little obsessed by them at the moment and am head over heels for this lilac one from Very. 

8. Studded Shorts, River Island, £15 You have to have some studded shorts in your wardrobe for Summer. These are currently in the sale at £15 down from £30. Bargain. 

9. Printed Lattice Crop Blouse, very.co.uk, £18 The cut-out detail on this top is gorgeous. I don't tend to wear sleeveless tops but this shirt is so cute I may start. 

10. Ring, & Other Stories, £7 I have been resisting the temptation to go into this store as I know that I am going to want just about everything in there. This ring is one of the many jewellery pieces I have seen and for £7 I know that I would end up leaving with it. 

11. Shirt, River Island, £20 Another bargain from River Island. This acid wash denim shirt is so cool; I can envision a million Summer outfits involving it. Again, this is currently in the sale so if you want it, be quick. 

12. Nude Magique CC Cream, L'Oreal £8.99 I have been using the BB version of this and whilst I like it, it's not my fave BB product out there. There are three versions of this cream: Anti-Redness, Anti-Fatigue, and Anti-Dullness. I would probably opt for the anti-dullness one as I want to add a bit of pizazz to my skin. 

My wish list this month comes to the grand total of £752.49. Considerably less than last month but still a tad too much to make this a shopping list as opposed to a wish list. 

What are you wishing for this month?

6 April 2013

Spring Nails

The Sun is starting to show his face again and so, despite the bitter cold wind, I have started thinking of Spring again. I am hoping that the cold weather now is a small price to pay for the scorching hot Summer we are going to have. We are going to have a hot Summer aren't we? Anyway, now that Spring is well and truly here I thought I would share with you the colours I will be adorning my talons with this season. 

Unfortunately my spring nail palette is a tad predictable as it is fully loaded with pastel shades. I must admit that recently my shades have been a bit wintry due to the fact that I am still rocking my A/W clothes but from now on I will be wearing pretty pastels to get me in the mood. 

I heart Spring!

These are my top five nail polishes for Spring at the mo. I also wanted Topshop's 'Peaches and Cream' but I ran out of fingers! 

These five are actually quite cold pastels. I think I chose them in homage to the chilly weather (sorry to keep talking about it but it was snowing the other day. That's right - SNOW. In APRIL! It's not right). If it were warmer I might go for a bit of a Candy Stripe like the one in my post a few days ago. 

Hopefully the Sun will make some more appearances in the coming days/weeks/months so that we can all start wearing pastels without looking like the hopeless optimists we are. I also want to start wearing my floral jeans again so it HAS to get warmer. I demand it!

What colours are you guys looking forward to wearing this Spring?

4 April 2013

Dad's Day: The Start of Summer?

Last time I wrote about a day out with my dad it was the end of Summer. It was warm and sunny, I was wearing florals, we sat in a park, and we enjoyed some frozen yoghurt. Last week when I saw my dad it was supposed to be the start of Summer. It was freezing cold, I was wearing a jumper and a coat, and we enjoyed coffee a plenty. It was still fun though. 

First stop: The Shard. With dad being an architect it was only natural that he should want to scale London's wonder tower. I on the other hand am terrified of heights but I have been up the Empire State so this pointy little amateur should be easy, right? Unfortunately I didn't get to find out as the next available tickets weren't until four hours too late. Maybe next time.   

As we couldn't get tickets for London Bridge's tourist attraction a la mode we headed for some lunch at Borough Market. It was bloody heaving. Damn the Easter weekend crowds. We went for coffee and a cake at a little patisserie at the entrance to the market. The cakes looked super enticing from the outside but the cafe was totally overpriced. I don't think the waitress had ever heard of 'service with a smile' as she was a tad on the vicious side. £16 for two drinks and two slices of distinctly average cakes = pa-ricey! Next time we'll stick to Wagamama's with the free green tea. 

When we burrowed deep into the market I started doing the standard blogger thing and snapped away at everything like a real tourist. Having been a veggie for 15 years the sight of dead bunnies with plastic bags over their heads for the blood was a little vom inducing but I have an odd fascination with death so obvs needed a photie. 

At the time I marvelled at my first cherry blossom of the Spring/Summer. Now I feel like this tree duped me into thinking that warmer climes were just around the corner. I'll let it off because it's so pretty but I'm not happy about being lied to!

After trying to see the Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern and finding for the second time that tickets weren't available for a good five hours we found comfort in the good old National Gallery. I haven't been in such a long time so it was good to take another look at some of the paintings that got me so excited about art as a child; Rousseau's 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm'  is a particular fave. 

After browsing several rooms at the National Gallery (mostly the Impressionist offerings) dad and I wandered to Caffe Nero for a little refreshment. I got my first ever mocha. Not a huge fan to be honest. Next time I'll stick to my latte. 

When we had done relaxing in the warmth of Nero we took a stroll around the block to go and meet my step-mum at the National Portrait Gallery. I love the NPG and it was nice to see some new portraits since my last visit. Although I'm not a huge royalist, the portrait of Kate Middleton was really lovely. 

Galleried out after the third of the day,  my dad, my step-mum, the boyf and I headed to Mishkin's in Covent Garden for dinner. I love Mishkin's as it has hearty, well-priced food with an amazingly warm and hip atmosphere. I loved the Beatles choonage that was occurring when we arrived. 

With a full belly I headed home after another jam-packed day out with me pops. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long for another one. 

3 April 2013

365 Day Challenge Catch Up

OK so I have been a bit bad with this challenge recently. I haven't posted for the past few weeks. I don't think my heart is really in it any more. Maybe it never was. I haven't completely given up just yet but I fear I may not see this challenge through to the end. I will try my bestest but I think I just prefer my life in colour. Here's a round-up of the last few weeks in black and white...

Week Eleven

Day Seventy One: Health Kick(ish) Having over indulged in food and drink recently I opted for a healthy dinner of avacado, halloumi, and houmous wrap. Probably shouldn't have opted for the glass of rose though. 
Day Seventy Two: In Good Company Although I buy Elle and Vogue every month I think Company is the only mag that I currently look forward to reading. 
Day Seventy Three: Diner for Dinner Dinner with the lovely JS at the Diner. Always love their burgers as they have great veggie options. 
Day Seventy Four: Let's Burn Shit Up The boy burning cardboard in the garden. It absolutely stank. 
Day Seventy Five: Daffodil Nails Pics of nail polish really don't work in b&w. This is a lovely shade of yellow which I will report on later in the month. I bought it in Wilkinson's for £1. Bargain. 
Day Seventy Six and Seventy Seven: EPIC FAIL! Scrolling through my pics to set up these collages and absolutely no b&w pics for these days. Apologies!

Week Twelve

Day Seventy Eight: Cookie Flop Following on from my baking fiasco last month I tried cookies. They turned into a cake. Oops! Despite this I think I am a baking goddess as the cookie/cake tasted bloody amazing. One of the best things I've ever tasted. Fact.
Day Seventy Nine: New Addiction I know they aren't as healthy as they seem but I am totally addicted to Innocent smoothies. This one is my current fave even though I don't actually like carrots. Odd. 
Day Eighty: Seedling Our garden should really be the last thing on my mind as the inside of our flat is a shambles but I couldn't resist picking up some seeds on another trip to Wilkinson's. I have never had a garden so it's a bit exciting having little flowers of my own. 
Day Eighty One: Woody Wood Burner My lovely dad lugged this lovely wood burner over from France so that we can have a toasty winter. This will  be the boyf's little doer-upper project. 
Day Eighty Two: Snow Storm Can't see the snow too well in this pic but it was coming down thick and fast.
Day Eighty Three: Oh Dear! Bless my mum. 
Day Eighty Four: Two Fish in a Tank To save the boy from having to work through the night I tanked the bathroom. ME! Doing DIY! Bloody miracle. Unfortunately my jeans got wrecked.

Week Thirteen

Day Eighty Five: Tile Excitement So happy to see our tiles arrive. Our little bathroom is eventually going to get dressed. Woop!
Day Eighty Six: Aubergine Bake I never used to like aubergine but cooked properly it actually has a really nice flavour. The bake I made was so cheesy it was a bit ridiculous. I loved it, even if my arteries didn't. 
Day Eighty Seven: Nailed! Midway through another holiday and what more can I do but paint my nails? Yes I could go out and live a little but why bother when I am so content with a cup of tea and a bit of nail art?
Day Eighty Eight: Dad's Day Out and about in London with dad today. Lots of fun but too long a wait to go up the Shard. Maybe next time. 
Day Eighty Nine: I Love This Plath Started a new book - The Bell Jar. Watch this space for a review when I'm done. Enjoying it so far. 
Day Ninety: Who Is This Man? Thanks Jehovah's Witnesses for reminding me what Easter is all about with your creepy flyer. 
Day Ninety One: Shower Time I'm sorry but it's another snap of the bathroom. We have tiles on the wall!! 

Sorry to bore you to death with endless black and white snaps. I will try to do this every week but I think I have said that before and failed miserably. If I give up on this challenge I will let you know but I really am going to try and keep it up. Any tips for staying motivated will be greatly appreciated. 

1 April 2013

River Island Mini Shop

I was on holiday again last week as I had some more to use up and whilst  I love being off work, I get bored quite easily if I don't plan stuff to do. Being bored inevitably results in me going shopping which is very very bad for my bank account. However, as I am being frugal this year (supposedly) I only purchased this dress because it was in the sale and because I know I will get more than a few wears out of it over Summer. 

For those of you that haven't ever been to Walthamstow (my new endz) there are slim pickings when it comes to clothes shops. There is a New Look, a River Island, a Dorothy Perkins, an Evans, a BHS, and the world's smallest Topshop (situated on top of Dorothy Perkins). Topshop is usually my go to for shopping but the one in good old E17 really isn't even worth looking in so I opt for New Look or River Island as back up. 

River Island is one of those shops that can be a bit hit or miss. Sometimes I really love their stuff and other times I get a bit overwhelmed by the amount of rhinestones on display. Being on a bit of a budget I was happy to see that they were having a sale but didn't really expect to find very much. Having worked on the high-street before I know that an awful lot of old tat is wheeled out for the sales so I tend not to shop from the bargain bins but hey, beggars can't be choosers. 

The first thing I picked up was a new suit jacket for work. I didn't take a pic for you but it was quite a good bargain. It was £20 down from £45 and is plain black with a beautiful pale pink lining. Then I spotted this dress which is a bit different from my usual style. I loved the 70's floatiness and for £15 thought it was a good deal. The lace detail and cute buttons are really nice features; the lace goes all the way down to the waist seam at the back which is really pretty. I can envisage myself wearing this little number in Summer with some nice block-heeled sandals and a glass of Pinot. 

I picked the rings up for £2 each which I thought was very reasonable. They are new season stock. The skull ring is a finger top ring - not just incredibly teeny. The heart ring is actually a thumb ring. And of course I couldn't resist nipping in to Boots on the way home to pick up a cheeky nail polish (or three). This L'Oreal shade is a real beauty. It's a bluey mint which applies very nicely. I will be doing a post on minty nail polishes in April so you will see more of this shade. 

Have you found anything interesting in the sales this season?