31 March 2013


Last year I met my good friend JS for a trip to the V&A. During this trip she had just had her nails done at Wah Nails and they looked ah-mazing. Since then I have been a bit nail art obsessed and every given moment I am painting my nails with new designs that I am not allowed to wear to work. Several times it has crossed my mind to open a nail art salon but I just don't have the cash, premises, or time to start a business. Maybe one day.

The obsessive nail arting began when I purchased 'The Wah Book of Nail Art' on Amazon. If you are a nail art enthusiast I strongly recommend buying it. The designs are probably not particularly revolutionary but they are cool and adaptable and a great way to get into nail art. 

From here things went rapidly downhill as my obsession went from a 4 to a 10....

1. Drippy 2. Bows 3. Aztec Tribal 4. Leopard 5. Candystripe 6. Glitter Fade 7. Half-Moon 8. Letterhead 9. Half Stripe

The lovely JS has also been busy creating some Wah nail art of her own. I am jealous because she gets to wear these to work. One day I will get her to complete my look as I can only really do my left hand to perfection at the mo. She has kindly let me steal one of her photo montages for this post. 

1. Leopard & Bows 2. Aztec Tribal 3. Half Stripe 4. Leopard 5. JS design 6. Mixture done by the Wah girls 7. Candystripe 8. Done by the Wah girls 9. Leopard

For more of JS's lovely designs, check out her Instagram page here. I share most of my nail designs with you guys anyway but there are some additional pics on my Instagram account too. 

Not only am I obsessed with doing my own nails, I spend hours looking at other people's designs on Instagram, Pinterest and the general wonder wide web. If you lovelies have any cool designs that you don't mind me copying (or trying to) then please leave me a link. 

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