25 March 2013

Rest-Day, Nest-Day. Take Two

I am on holiday again this week and will be spending the majority of my time DIYing at the new flat. We are in the process of fitting a new bathroom and as soon as this is in we will be moving for the last time in a while. I could not be happier about this as I flipping HATE moving. 

My step-dad came up recently to fit a new floor in the bathroom as the old one was completely rotten. While he and the boyf did some serious man DIY I fannied about in the living room testing the paint samples I ordered from Dulux and making cups of tea. Making tea drove me insane as I couldn't drink that much owing to the fact that we currently have no toilet and I have a bladder the size of a pea. 

L-R: Birds Egg, Willow Tree, Emporium Rose 5
L-R: Egyptian Cotton, Mellow Mocha, Soft Stone

We will mostly be going for muted shades throughout the flat. Although I like 'Duck Egg' and 'Willow Tree' I'm not sure if we will be using them anywhere. We will most likely be having greeny/blue tiles in the kitchen so there will be no need to use paint of the same colour. 

The bottom colours are all a little too blah for us. I quite like 'Mellow Mocha' but not for the living room. Maybe for a bedroom? I have visions of the second bedroom being white and light, perfect for creating things (like artwork, not babies). 

Et voila! The new bathroom floor. We are putting a shower in too which is exciting. I cannot wait for it to all be done. Everything should be fitted by the end of the week and then it's just tiling and decorating time. The tiles actually arrived today. I'm pretty sure the driver was pissed which was a bit unnerving but all of the tiles arrived in tact and he had a cute dog so I didn't ask. 

Like last time I spent most of my time organising things in the kitchen. I bought a new jug for the utensils which I am a little bit in love with, hence why I papped it twice. 

Hopefully the bathroom will look completely different by the end of the week. I will do another update soon. I bought more paint samples today - I have gone insane! 

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