7 March 2013

March Wish List

I apologise for the amount of items on my March wish list but my spending ban has got me craving just about everything I feast my eyes upon. I will go through each item but not in too much detail as I don't want to bore you all to death. 

1. Peter Pan Collar, Accessorize, £19 A collar is a great way to reinvent an outfit. This pastel coloured floral number would look great with a higher necked white tee. 

2. Bling It On Feathers Kit, Nails Inc., £20 I know, I  know, nail polish is really the last thing I need to be spending money on but these look interesting. If anyone has reviewed them, please send me a link. 

3. Snake Court, Louboutin, £695 White shoes have that Marmite effect, you either love or hate them. I think they have a kind of retro cool effect. Plus I live near Essex now so I need to get on board. What better way to show support for the cause than with a pair of Loubs?

4. Carlotta Boots, Whistles, £165 A nice chunky-heeled pair of Chelsea boots. Love.

5. Welcome to the Jungle Tee, Simeon Farrar, £95 Cute leopard. Check. Cheeky slogan. Check. Bit of neon. Check. What's not to love?

6. Bel Air Sunnies, Wildfox, £162 These are mental but I love them. 

7. Tweed Jacket, River Island, £70 Neon is big news again this Spring/Summer and the best way to rock it is in tweed form. This jacket is much more affordable than a Chanel. 

8. Woven Slippers, Cobra Society, £295 I can imagine these looking fresh with a pair of denim shorts and a white shirt. Perfect Summer outfit. Providing the Sun actually visits England this year of course. 

9. Floral Bomber Jacket, Oasis, £60 The floral prints in Oasis have won me over this season. I am in love with several if their prints and am having to avert my eyes every morning on the way to work to stop myself from going in. 

10. Willow, Mulberry, £1250 W.O.W. I need help. 

11. Bra, Intimissimi, £29.99 Super feminine with a beautifully supportive shape. Every girl needs pretty underwear. 

12. Anouk, Jimmy Choo, £395 I recently saw a pic of Jennifer Lawrence wearing these shoes with a red dress. They looked smokin' hot. Now all I need is the size 6 figure, a red dress and £400 to spare. 

13. Sweathirt, £30 and shorts, £30, Rihanna for River Island I love Rihanna and I love her collection for River Island. There are so many pieces I could've put on this list but I stuck to some classics - short shorts and a sweater. Perfect for Summer nights. 

14. Sunglasses. Dior, £260 You can tell that my mind is on Summer as this is the second pair of sunglasses on my list. I have a wee sunglasses addiction which, thankfully, has remained isolated to cheaper brands. Hopefully things stay this way as I am broke with a capital b. 

15. Imperfection Speckled Nail Varnish, Illamasqua, £14.50 More nail varnish. I only want these because they look like Mini Eggs. 

Eek fifteen items totalling £3590.50. I don't think this is going to happen somehow but I suppose that's what a wish list is all about. 


  1. Very creative way of presenting your wish list! Love it-just read another post on the soeckly polish n really want it now!

  2. Thanks Jen! Not sure if I can justify spending £15-£20 on a speckly nail polish but it is pretty hard to resist :/ Love your blog - now following!x