29 March 2013

Crazy Sun Protectors

One of the most annoying yet amusing aspects of my job is that I have to sift through endless emails intended for our buying team. Some emails get deleted as soon as they come in as they are clearly junk; emails like '100% silk scarves: 1000 for £4.99'. Pretty much every other email gets forwarded, even the ones where the products are so wrong for our store. I feel bad for these people because they put so much time, effort, and love into their products but they have no idea what their target market should be. And sometimes, just sometimes, we get real gems come through to the inbox that really ignite our imaginations. 

One such email came from Anna-Karin Karlsson's office. Swedish designer Karlsson creates the most amazing sunglasses that I have personally recommended to the buying team as I fell in love instantly. They are fun, edgy, and unique which I just adore. These leopard lovelies are my absolute fave.

Karlsson's glasses aren't cheap but they are what you would expect to pay for real high-end brands because the quality of the workmanship is so high. 
These are too cute. I think I have seen a pic of Nikki Minaj wearing these somewhere and they looked super fly (can I get away with that turn of phrase? I don't think so!). I love the little hint of leopard print peering over the top. 
These glasses are beautiful. They remind me of the D&G floral sunnies that were big news a while ago but in a more muted palette. Super pretty for summer with a simple white tee/denim shorts combo. 

I know it's a bit premature to be thinking of sunglasses in this weather but the Sun made a brief appearance in London today and it has totally got me in the mood for Pimms and barbecues. 

If you are a sunnies enthusiast like me, get yourself on to the AKK website to take a look at the other amazing sun protectors on offer. 

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