18 March 2013

Betty Crocker Bake Flop

A rainy Sunday leads to the oddest of things. I do not cook. I can cook, I just choose not to. So it is peculiar that I decided to pick up a cake mix whilst doing a bit of Sunday shopping (OK so not real cooking but a far cry from my usual pitta/houmous routine). I looked on the back of the packet to see what else I needed , picked it all up (or so I thought) and self helped my way out of the supermarket. 

Mistake number one: not picking up the icing stuff. I foolishly thought it came in the packet. 

Mistake number two: Not noticing the 250ml of water that needed to be added before whisking. Boy is whisking tough when the mixture is dry. Thankfully I noticed my error and added the water which made the whisking process much easier. 

See - much better! 

Couldn't resist. Apparently I look special here which is probably true but it's quite hard to snap yourself licking a spoon! The mixture tasted sooo good out of the bowl. Probably better than the end result actually but never mind.  I think that says more about the mixture than my baking skills. 

Et voila! One cake. I think I may have added a touch too much oil as it was slightly greasy tasting. It was also super bland thanks to the lack of icing. I overcame this by adding some Haagen Dazs Cookies  'n' Cream. Yom. 

So my first attempt at cake baking wasn't the greatest. Great British baker I ain't but I can only get better right? Next time I think I will make the whole thing myself as, other than eating from the bowl, there wasn't much fun to be had with this packet. 

When the boyf called on his break and I told him I was baking a cake he said 'Sorry? Can you put my girlfriend on the phone' which I think is a testament to just how little I cook from scratch. 

Any tips for making my own cake? Maybe not chocolate, maybe a Victoria sponge. I'm a sucker for a Victoria sponge.

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