5 March 2013

365 Day Challenge: Week Nine

I can't believe that another week has gone by already. It seems like only yesterday that it was New Years Eve and now it's March. Where has the time gone? This week was all about work and house. Hence why my blog posts haven't been quite as regular. The black and white photos this week were a bit thin on the ground too as I have been a bit preoccupied. Managed to take one a day though so here's my week without colour...

Day Fifty Seven: New Shoes OK so I am supposed to be on a spending ban but I needed flat shoes to get to and from my new flat as I tried walking there after a day in heels and my feet could quite easily have fallen off at the end of it. I was going to get some Vans but they just look wrong with my work clothes so I went for these suedey Topshop shoes instead. I think they were about £25. 

Day Fifty Eight: Give Me The Fish Finger Back to work means back to spending a stupid amount of money on lunch. As it was my first day back I decided to treat myself to a fish finger wrap from Leon. So good but I really need to start making my own lunches. 

Day Fifty Nine: New Mags Now I have a house that I can actually decorate how I want I have started buying home magazines. The boyf will be pleased to have more magazines in the house - not. I already have stacks of Vogues and Elles that have been dragged from flat to flat which he absolutely loathes. However, I know that they will look great on display in our new place. 

Day Sixty: Uh-Oh Spending ban hasn't been too successful this week. Neither was this picture come to think of it. Turns out sunlight isn't too important for taking black and white pics, at least not in the same way as it is for colour ones. I picked up these mini Ren products as I have run out of Lancome stuff and was thinking I may try another brand. I'll let you know how it goes. I also picked up some nail brushes in Topshop - I can't wait to give these a go. 

Day Sixty One: The First House Guest We got some sofas today which were brought up by the boyf's dad...and Zola. She was a bit unsure about the house but the sofa was her kind of comfortable. After a day of travelling and moving she was pooped by the time I got home from work. Bless.

Day Sixty Two: We Used To Have A Bathroom I took a similar pic of this for my last post. I think the chaos works just as well in black and white. The bathroom most certainly did not look like this when we bought the place but as we need to get a new bathroom in asap we have started tearing this one out (I say we but it is most definitely 100% the work of the boyf). New bathroom coming next week - woohoo! 

Day Sixty Three: My Jeremy Beadle Glove The boyf may be able to shatter tiles and take down cupboards but he should really leave the washing to me. This glove made me laugh so much today. It is absolutely tiny; this picture doesn't do it justice. However it surprisingly still fits my hand. What's even funnier is that he only washed the one. Oh boy!

I promise I will try to take more exciting black and white pics next week. How has your week been?

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