31 March 2013


Last year I met my good friend JS for a trip to the V&A. During this trip she had just had her nails done at Wah Nails and they looked ah-mazing. Since then I have been a bit nail art obsessed and every given moment I am painting my nails with new designs that I am not allowed to wear to work. Several times it has crossed my mind to open a nail art salon but I just don't have the cash, premises, or time to start a business. Maybe one day.

The obsessive nail arting began when I purchased 'The Wah Book of Nail Art' on Amazon. If you are a nail art enthusiast I strongly recommend buying it. The designs are probably not particularly revolutionary but they are cool and adaptable and a great way to get into nail art. 

From here things went rapidly downhill as my obsession went from a 4 to a 10....

1. Drippy 2. Bows 3. Aztec Tribal 4. Leopard 5. Candystripe 6. Glitter Fade 7. Half-Moon 8. Letterhead 9. Half Stripe

The lovely JS has also been busy creating some Wah nail art of her own. I am jealous because she gets to wear these to work. One day I will get her to complete my look as I can only really do my left hand to perfection at the mo. She has kindly let me steal one of her photo montages for this post. 

1. Leopard & Bows 2. Aztec Tribal 3. Half Stripe 4. Leopard 5. JS design 6. Mixture done by the Wah girls 7. Candystripe 8. Done by the Wah girls 9. Leopard

For more of JS's lovely designs, check out her Instagram page here. I share most of my nail designs with you guys anyway but there are some additional pics on my Instagram account too. 

Not only am I obsessed with doing my own nails, I spend hours looking at other people's designs on Instagram, Pinterest and the general wonder wide web. If you lovelies have any cool designs that you don't mind me copying (or trying to) then please leave me a link. 

29 March 2013

Crazy Sun Protectors

One of the most annoying yet amusing aspects of my job is that I have to sift through endless emails intended for our buying team. Some emails get deleted as soon as they come in as they are clearly junk; emails like '100% silk scarves: 1000 for £4.99'. Pretty much every other email gets forwarded, even the ones where the products are so wrong for our store. I feel bad for these people because they put so much time, effort, and love into their products but they have no idea what their target market should be. And sometimes, just sometimes, we get real gems come through to the inbox that really ignite our imaginations. 

One such email came from Anna-Karin Karlsson's office. Swedish designer Karlsson creates the most amazing sunglasses that I have personally recommended to the buying team as I fell in love instantly. They are fun, edgy, and unique which I just adore. These leopard lovelies are my absolute fave.

Karlsson's glasses aren't cheap but they are what you would expect to pay for real high-end brands because the quality of the workmanship is so high. 
These are too cute. I think I have seen a pic of Nikki Minaj wearing these somewhere and they looked super fly (can I get away with that turn of phrase? I don't think so!). I love the little hint of leopard print peering over the top. 
These glasses are beautiful. They remind me of the D&G floral sunnies that were big news a while ago but in a more muted palette. Super pretty for summer with a simple white tee/denim shorts combo. 

I know it's a bit premature to be thinking of sunglasses in this weather but the Sun made a brief appearance in London today and it has totally got me in the mood for Pimms and barbecues. 

If you are a sunnies enthusiast like me, get yourself on to the AKK website to take a look at the other amazing sun protectors on offer. 

25 March 2013

Rest-Day, Nest-Day. Take Two

I am on holiday again this week and will be spending the majority of my time DIYing at the new flat. We are in the process of fitting a new bathroom and as soon as this is in we will be moving for the last time in a while. I could not be happier about this as I flipping HATE moving. 

My step-dad came up recently to fit a new floor in the bathroom as the old one was completely rotten. While he and the boyf did some serious man DIY I fannied about in the living room testing the paint samples I ordered from Dulux and making cups of tea. Making tea drove me insane as I couldn't drink that much owing to the fact that we currently have no toilet and I have a bladder the size of a pea. 

L-R: Birds Egg, Willow Tree, Emporium Rose 5
L-R: Egyptian Cotton, Mellow Mocha, Soft Stone

We will mostly be going for muted shades throughout the flat. Although I like 'Duck Egg' and 'Willow Tree' I'm not sure if we will be using them anywhere. We will most likely be having greeny/blue tiles in the kitchen so there will be no need to use paint of the same colour. 

The bottom colours are all a little too blah for us. I quite like 'Mellow Mocha' but not for the living room. Maybe for a bedroom? I have visions of the second bedroom being white and light, perfect for creating things (like artwork, not babies). 

Et voila! The new bathroom floor. We are putting a shower in too which is exciting. I cannot wait for it to all be done. Everything should be fitted by the end of the week and then it's just tiling and decorating time. The tiles actually arrived today. I'm pretty sure the driver was pissed which was a bit unnerving but all of the tiles arrived in tact and he had a cute dog so I didn't ask. 

Like last time I spent most of my time organising things in the kitchen. I bought a new jug for the utensils which I am a little bit in love with, hence why I papped it twice. 

Hopefully the bathroom will look completely different by the end of the week. I will do another update soon. I bought more paint samples today - I have gone insane! 

20 March 2013

You Got The Love

I have had this blog for a while now but it has only been in the last few months that I have started reaching out to other bloggers trying to find a place in the blogging community. It has been fun and I have absolutely loved following others and seeing others following me.  I don't have a big following at all but I am very proud of the fact that anyone takes note of my random musings. Now that GFC is becoming defunct I kind of feel like I am back to square one again trying to build up some followers through Bloglovin. So here I am am asking you lovely people to transfer your love from GFC to Bloglovin. You can click on the + icon in my sidebar or just click here to follow The Style Mouth.  

While I'm on a beg-friend vibe I may as well ask you all to vote for me in Company magazine's Style Blogger Awards here. I have been nominated for Best Use of Photography so if you could all pop over and vote for me that would be lovely! The site is a bit confusing but you basically click on 'nominate your blog here' and then input all the deets. 

19 March 2013

Rainy Days, Mondays, and Sneaky Trips to H&M

Yesterday was a miserable day in London but there is something romantic about a rainy evening don't you think? I wish I had taken a photo on the streets last night to illustrate my point as there was something oddly beautiful in the raindrops lit by lamplight. 

Anyway, I digress. The main point of this post is to show you the cheeky things I bought in H&M on the way home. I blame the demise of HMV for my purchases and here's why: I went in to the Oxford Street branch of HMV looking for some earphones and left thoroughly depressed. Now I know that they are shutting down and all that jazz but it was such a different shop to the one I had been in before Christmas that I kind of wanted to cry. The aisles were pretty much empty, the once vibrant vinyl section was sparse, and the book section that had always been my favourite (brand new books for £1, hello???) was virtually non existent. It was sad. So I popped next door to H&M to make myself feel better. 

I have wanted these jeans for ages so imagine my delight when I spotted them in the sale for £4. £4! That's better than Primark prices. You have to love a bit of leopard print and these muted pink lovelies are perfect for spring/summer. Well, not the spring we are currently having but the idea of spring that I have in my head which includes daffodils and cherry blossom. These are quite a tight fit so I would recommend trying on in your size to double check you don't need one up. 

Along with the jeans I picked up this fab mint green nail polish for £2.99. The shade is 'Mint Madness' and is one of my new faves. I always love a mint green and this one is a little brighter than the others that I own which I love. 

I will be teeming my new purchases with classic black jumpers and pumps while the weather is still cold but come summer the white tees and open-toe heels will be taking over. 

The little purse is one that I purchased in H&M a while ago for £2.99. I love the contrast between the nude pleather and the neon lining. I added the studs myself. Not sure what exactly I can fit in here - cards and coins maybe - but it sure is cute!

Have you guys made any comfort purchases recently? 

18 March 2013

Betty Crocker Bake Flop

A rainy Sunday leads to the oddest of things. I do not cook. I can cook, I just choose not to. So it is peculiar that I decided to pick up a cake mix whilst doing a bit of Sunday shopping (OK so not real cooking but a far cry from my usual pitta/houmous routine). I looked on the back of the packet to see what else I needed , picked it all up (or so I thought) and self helped my way out of the supermarket. 

Mistake number one: not picking up the icing stuff. I foolishly thought it came in the packet. 

Mistake number two: Not noticing the 250ml of water that needed to be added before whisking. Boy is whisking tough when the mixture is dry. Thankfully I noticed my error and added the water which made the whisking process much easier. 

See - much better! 

Couldn't resist. Apparently I look special here which is probably true but it's quite hard to snap yourself licking a spoon! The mixture tasted sooo good out of the bowl. Probably better than the end result actually but never mind.  I think that says more about the mixture than my baking skills. 

Et voila! One cake. I think I may have added a touch too much oil as it was slightly greasy tasting. It was also super bland thanks to the lack of icing. I overcame this by adding some Haagen Dazs Cookies  'n' Cream. Yom. 

So my first attempt at cake baking wasn't the greatest. Great British baker I ain't but I can only get better right? Next time I think I will make the whole thing myself as, other than eating from the bowl, there wasn't much fun to be had with this packet. 

When the boyf called on his break and I told him I was baking a cake he said 'Sorry? Can you put my girlfriend on the phone' which I think is a testament to just how little I cook from scratch. 

Any tips for making my own cake? Maybe not chocolate, maybe a Victoria sponge. I'm a sucker for a Victoria sponge.

17 March 2013

365 Day Challenge: Week Ten

Woah! Where has this week gone? I had my days off separately this week which I hate as it means I can't properly shut down making blog concentration that little bit harder. As a result I'm afraid that my 365 challenge is a little late this week - soz! Better late than never I suppose...

Day Sixty Four: Good Intentions I started the week with every hope of blogging much more than I actually did. I cut out pics for collages and inspiration, I took some snaps for upcoming posts, I came up with a lo-hot of ideas but it all went a bit tits up. My manager is away at the moment and while being in charge certainly has its perks it can be a little draining. Staying late is fine but it does make me a little too pooped to blog at the end of the day. Next week  I will be better, I swears it!

Day Sixty Five: The First Ikea Trip New house = inevitable trip to Ikea. Standard. Can you believe that this was the boyf's first trip to the yellow box of joy? No, me neither. He wasn't as excited by the food as I was but I think he enjoyed himself. Many a relationship has broken down in Ikea but thankfully we came out relatively unscathed. We did see a chav threaten to stab some poor bloke for knocking into her which was fun. Calm down dear, it's only Ikea for goodness sake. We came away with some goodies for the new flat - more to come on these soon. 

Day Sixty Six: Bye Bye Birdie My good pal R vacated the office this week and I will miss her LOADS. We did go out for a goodbye meal after this but I forgot to take any pics so you'll have to be content with this. R's last stint on switch :(

Day Sixty Seven: Super Dooper Dobner I have a little Rory Dobner obsession at the moment and am therefore super excited about his revamped space in Liberty. His illustrations are simple but effective and I just adore these tiles. I want some for my new home but at about £33 a pop I am trying to think of a short word to make. I did want 'kitchen' but that'd work out at about £230. Eek. 

Day Sixty Eight: The Quest For Perfect Hair I got my hair cut this week which has made me start thinking again about the products I use in my hair. My hair is quite dry after years and years of bleaching it. Now that I have gone au naturel with the colour it's still a bit of a frizz ball but is considerably better than it was. I chose a heat protection spray, some sort of serum, and a new hair mask. I use masks instead of conditioner as they work better on my dry ends. 

Day Sixty Nine: Happy Mother's Day Despite my blog tribute on the day I actually forgot to post my mum's card. I know, minus fifty good daughter points. I still have it and will send it at some point (I promise). I never seem to be able to send things on time. I blame the new small/large stamp system. I don't know which stamp I'm supposed to use. Last time I thought I got it right the poor recipient had to pay the extra. Oops. 

Day Seventy: Tin Man Whilst perusing the dining section of Liberty I saw these vintage style tins and thought 'yeah, they'd look good in my kitchen'. They were quite a bargain too actually, I may have to go pick up some more. 

I think I'm going to start planning some blog posts for next week whilst I sip on a glass of rose and watch the rest of Legally Blonde. Classic. 

11 March 2013

Barry M Textured Nail Effects

It's no real secret that I love Barry M nail polishes. The only thing that bums me out about the brand is that they don't release new colours quickly enough. I think I have just about every colour they make in my collection and so I have to turn to other brands for new colours. 

I haven't been particularly turned on by the nail effect polishes that Barry M have released in the past; magnetic nail effect polishes don't float my boat and I was only interested in crackle nails for all of two minutes (although I am going to be giving this effect another go later in the month). However, I was instantly taken in by the girly pastel shades of their spring collection and knew that I had to give them a go. 

The effect of these polishes is rather gritty and they feel a bit like a breeze block or one of those old school burgundy nail files. Going about your day to day business can wreak havoc on the effect as everything sticks to it. Besides this I really like the texture as it's different from anything else I've tried. 

Ridley Road is a fresh mint green which is perfect for Spring/Summer. I always love a nice mint green and although this is a little paler than I usually go for I think the delicate colour counteracts the harsher texture. Yummy.  

Kingsland Road is a very soft pink as you can see in this pic. In sunlight it has a mere tint of pink which is a little too pale for my liking. I would've liked a tad more colour in this polish but it might look better with the tan that I am sure to get this Summer (this is a joke as I very rarely tan, even in scorching sunshine, let alone in snowy England). 

Station Road is a gorgeous pastel yellow. Now I don't usually like yellow nail polishes on myself as they make my fingers look stained rather than polished. However, I really like this colour. Again, I think it may work better with a slight tan but I am more than happy to rock it with my pasty skin. 

I would totally recommend these polishes if you are looking for something a little different to play around with. They create a different look without being too out there so if you like nail polish but aren't a huge fan of feisty nail art then these are perfect for you. 

Can you recommend any other textured nail polishes for me to try?

10 March 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everybody.

Asked my mum what she is doing today and she said 'cleaning the kitchen'. That woman never stops. Love you mum. x

7 March 2013

March Wish List

I apologise for the amount of items on my March wish list but my spending ban has got me craving just about everything I feast my eyes upon. I will go through each item but not in too much detail as I don't want to bore you all to death. 

1. Peter Pan Collar, Accessorize, £19 A collar is a great way to reinvent an outfit. This pastel coloured floral number would look great with a higher necked white tee. 

2. Bling It On Feathers Kit, Nails Inc., £20 I know, I  know, nail polish is really the last thing I need to be spending money on but these look interesting. If anyone has reviewed them, please send me a link. 

3. Snake Court, Louboutin, £695 White shoes have that Marmite effect, you either love or hate them. I think they have a kind of retro cool effect. Plus I live near Essex now so I need to get on board. What better way to show support for the cause than with a pair of Loubs?

4. Carlotta Boots, Whistles, £165 A nice chunky-heeled pair of Chelsea boots. Love.

5. Welcome to the Jungle Tee, Simeon Farrar, £95 Cute leopard. Check. Cheeky slogan. Check. Bit of neon. Check. What's not to love?

6. Bel Air Sunnies, Wildfox, £162 These are mental but I love them. 

7. Tweed Jacket, River Island, £70 Neon is big news again this Spring/Summer and the best way to rock it is in tweed form. This jacket is much more affordable than a Chanel. 

8. Woven Slippers, Cobra Society, £295 I can imagine these looking fresh with a pair of denim shorts and a white shirt. Perfect Summer outfit. Providing the Sun actually visits England this year of course. 

9. Floral Bomber Jacket, Oasis, £60 The floral prints in Oasis have won me over this season. I am in love with several if their prints and am having to avert my eyes every morning on the way to work to stop myself from going in. 

10. Willow, Mulberry, £1250 W.O.W. I need help. 

11. Bra, Intimissimi, £29.99 Super feminine with a beautifully supportive shape. Every girl needs pretty underwear. 

12. Anouk, Jimmy Choo, £395 I recently saw a pic of Jennifer Lawrence wearing these shoes with a red dress. They looked smokin' hot. Now all I need is the size 6 figure, a red dress and £400 to spare. 

13. Sweathirt, £30 and shorts, £30, Rihanna for River Island I love Rihanna and I love her collection for River Island. There are so many pieces I could've put on this list but I stuck to some classics - short shorts and a sweater. Perfect for Summer nights. 

14. Sunglasses. Dior, £260 You can tell that my mind is on Summer as this is the second pair of sunglasses on my list. I have a wee sunglasses addiction which, thankfully, has remained isolated to cheaper brands. Hopefully things stay this way as I am broke with a capital b. 

15. Imperfection Speckled Nail Varnish, Illamasqua, £14.50 More nail varnish. I only want these because they look like Mini Eggs. 

Eek fifteen items totalling £3590.50. I don't think this is going to happen somehow but I suppose that's what a wish list is all about. 

5 March 2013

365 Day Challenge: Week Nine

I can't believe that another week has gone by already. It seems like only yesterday that it was New Years Eve and now it's March. Where has the time gone? This week was all about work and house. Hence why my blog posts haven't been quite as regular. The black and white photos this week were a bit thin on the ground too as I have been a bit preoccupied. Managed to take one a day though so here's my week without colour...

Day Fifty Seven: New Shoes OK so I am supposed to be on a spending ban but I needed flat shoes to get to and from my new flat as I tried walking there after a day in heels and my feet could quite easily have fallen off at the end of it. I was going to get some Vans but they just look wrong with my work clothes so I went for these suedey Topshop shoes instead. I think they were about £25. 

Day Fifty Eight: Give Me The Fish Finger Back to work means back to spending a stupid amount of money on lunch. As it was my first day back I decided to treat myself to a fish finger wrap from Leon. So good but I really need to start making my own lunches. 

Day Fifty Nine: New Mags Now I have a house that I can actually decorate how I want I have started buying home magazines. The boyf will be pleased to have more magazines in the house - not. I already have stacks of Vogues and Elles that have been dragged from flat to flat which he absolutely loathes. However, I know that they will look great on display in our new place. 

Day Sixty: Uh-Oh Spending ban hasn't been too successful this week. Neither was this picture come to think of it. Turns out sunlight isn't too important for taking black and white pics, at least not in the same way as it is for colour ones. I picked up these mini Ren products as I have run out of Lancome stuff and was thinking I may try another brand. I'll let you know how it goes. I also picked up some nail brushes in Topshop - I can't wait to give these a go. 

Day Sixty One: The First House Guest We got some sofas today which were brought up by the boyf's dad...and Zola. She was a bit unsure about the house but the sofa was her kind of comfortable. After a day of travelling and moving she was pooped by the time I got home from work. Bless.

Day Sixty Two: We Used To Have A Bathroom I took a similar pic of this for my last post. I think the chaos works just as well in black and white. The bathroom most certainly did not look like this when we bought the place but as we need to get a new bathroom in asap we have started tearing this one out (I say we but it is most definitely 100% the work of the boyf). New bathroom coming next week - woohoo! 

Day Sixty Three: My Jeremy Beadle Glove The boyf may be able to shatter tiles and take down cupboards but he should really leave the washing to me. This glove made me laugh so much today. It is absolutely tiny; this picture doesn't do it justice. However it surprisingly still fits my hand. What's even funnier is that he only washed the one. Oh boy!

I promise I will try to take more exciting black and white pics next week. How has your week been?

3 March 2013

Rest-Day, Nest-Day. Take One.

Went to my new home with the boyf today for some DIY action. We bought a doer-upper as we wanted an older property that we could put our own stamp on. Little did we know just how much work was going to be involved. It's great being able to do what we want but it is quite tiring sorting out the house. The bathroom needs to be completely ripped out, there's some funky damp patches, God knows what the fridge smelt of and apparently there were rat droppings. From a RAT. No floors I can do but a fucking rat? No thank you. 

The boyf wasn't confident in my choice of outfit and so handed me some overalls. Unfortunately they were about four sizes too big but they kept me warm and protected my lovely clothes from getting dirty. 

This was the state of my bathroom when I walked in. Leave the boy alone for a day and this happens. It did need to be done but it was a bit of a shock. All of the tiles have now been smashed off of the walls and we are on our way to a new bathroom. Yay!

This fireplace is my favourite feature in the house at the mo. It is original and is so beautiful. Heart. It's in our bedroom and it makes me smile every time I look at it. We will probably paint the wooden surround as it doesn't really fit with our style. Decorative changes like this will have to wait though while we are ripping the bathroom out. 

In the living room is another fireplace. Not quite so sophisticated this one. The hole actually wasn't there when I visited the other day. Yup, you guessed it, the boyf cut loose with a saw. Today he chopped some wood for it despite the fact that we probably won't have a wood burner in there for at least another four months. Oh well, whatever keeps him quiet!

Can you tell that my job for the day was the kitchen? I think it looked quite pretty by the end of the day. We will eventually get a new kitchen in there but it's going to have to wait until we can afford it. Shelling out for a house means that some of the beautifying will have to wait until we have saved up some more pennies. Later in the year you will hopefully see the transformation of our lovely little home. 

Any DIY or home money saving tips will be greatly appreciated if you have any. Oh and also any tips on how to save money in other areas; I have imposed a spending ban on myself for this month and am already having shopping withdrawals. 

2 March 2013

Let's All Go Nude

Nude nails were all over the catwalk for Spring/Summer 2013 and I could not be happier. Some people think that nudes are incredibly boring but I think they can look really classy. I tend to receive more compliments for my nude nails than any other colours so I am glad that I am actually now on trend when wearing some of my favourite shades. I am also glad that I can wear an on-trend colour to work; it can be real dull having to wear either pink or red every day. Let's take a look at what nudes I have in my collection...

This Topshop shade is actually more of a stone I suppose but it works with my pasty skin. 'Threadbare' is one of my favourite shades. It goes with just about any outfit and looks more expensive than it is. 

I always get complimented when I wear this shade. It is probably a truer match to my skin than any of the others and I absolutely adore it. In fact, I like it so much I have two! (This actually happened by accident but still, I love it a lot). 

Nails inc. polishes apply really well and last a long time but they are a little pricier than other brands I use. This polish came in a set that I was given by a friend and is a bit of a darker nude so will work well for those of you who aren't quite as pasty as I am.

This is the only GOSH nail polish that I own and I have to admit that I very rarely wear it. It has a more orange tone than most nudes - great for all you Essex lot (joke!) - but I like it because it is a bit different from your everyday nude. 

This is a recent purchase of mine but is becoming a real fave. It is paler than my skin so doesn't quite work as a true nude but it still looks sophisticated and works with my wardrobe. I love Barry M polishes but was actually a little disappointed with the Gelly range as they chip quite quickly. 

Other than H&M's 'Nerd' this is my favourite nude shade in   the collection. Again, I always get complimented when wearing this colour. I seem to get the best feedback from nudes that match my skin tone so I would highly recommend trying to match your colouring. I know that Revlon and Butter London are bringing out completely nude ranges to suit a whole load of skin tones so, if you have a tone that is not usually catered for, keep your eyes peeled. 

I will probably be wearing nude nails for the majority of Spring so it's nice to have a few to choose from. 

What nudes do you have in your collection?