21 February 2013

Style Mouth: Book Club

I am a bit of a book worm and have been keeping a book diary for the past couple of years to record things I have read. I started another blog, Tube Reader, to write up some of my book reviews but found that I wasn't really updating it as I was preoccupied with this wee page here so the other day I merged the two. Now I have all of my interests housed under one roof. 

Tube Reader is now located on a page of this blog as Style Mouth: Book Club. I will be trying to update this regularly with book reviews, books to buy, books I'm in the process of reading, basically everything geeky and book wormish that comes to mind. So if any of you are avid readers like myself, please nip by and give me any recommendations or feedback that you can think of. The more input from you the better. 

I have lots of reviews lined up I just need to take the pics to go with them. I read all sorts of everything and am always open to suggestion for new genres. Do not think any recommendation will be too low-brow, I will read trash and probably love it. Saying that, I do love a good classic. 

The book section will still be relatively separate from the main Style Mouth page so if you aren't a book fan, you can steer clear. The main reason for merging the two blogs was quite selfish really; I wanted all of my efforts focused on the one page but I also wanted to have Style Mouth as a good depiction of who I am and I am a super nerdy book freak at heart. 

Let me know if you are book friend or fiend. 

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