22 February 2013

Primark Accessories Haul

My usual trip to Primark is an unplanned mess where I end up with a million items I don't need spilling out of my arms as I queue up for twenty minutes trying desperately to leave before I do my purse some real damage. This time around I actually planned to go as I wanted some things for DIY projects that I have in the pipe line. I strategically decided not to look at the clothes and bee-lined straight for the accessories. I was looking for sunglasses and charms (I had remembered seeing some little charms in another branch) but got a little side tracked by everything else. I ended up with some jewellery, some sunglasses, some nail polish, some hair clips, a Hello Kitty Pez and no charms. 

So.....feast your eyes on the jewellery that I had no intention of buying. I couldn't resist. There's quite a lot of religious looking stuff thrown in there which is odd as I am not religious at all. I do love a good bit of kitsch though like those plastic bracelets adorned with the faces of random kids with a bit of Jesus and Mary thrown in for good measure. My favourite item is the triangle necklace. I just know that someone will ask where I got it and I will relish in seeing their shocked face when I say Primark. It was the last one in the Stratford branch but you can probably pick one up in another store. For £3.00 it's a bargain and will look great in summer. 

In the words of that wise fellow The Mask, somebody stop me! I picked these nail goodies up on my way to the till. A caviar nail polish kit for £2.50? That's just ridiculous. Of course I was going to buy one (or two). I will give you a little peek once I've tried them out. I also got some nail art pens for £2.00. Last time I bought this kind of nail art pen I paid £6.00 for two so I felt like this was a good deal. Again, I'll let you know how they fare. If they are crap they obviously won't be worth the cheaper price tag.  

Finally what I actually went into Primark for. I wanted some black sunglasses for an upcoming DIY project. At £1.00 a pair I don't mind if the project goes tits up. These aren't the specific kind that I was looking for but hopefully they will do. Not sure why I picked up these hair clips - they just looked cute and girly which is as good a reason as any I suppose (not really but have to justify it somehow). 

And lastly - the Hello Kitty Pez dispenser. I defy anybody to resist picking this up on the way out. 

So there you have it, my most recent Primark haul. I picked up all these lovelies for a mere £22.50. Bargain. I have a real love/hate relationship with this shop. It is fabbielous for fast fashion - all those trend based items that you know you will only wear for this season - swimsuits, and accessories but if it's atmosphere, quality, and service you're after it may be best to steer clear. 

Have you guys picked up anything good on the high street recently?


  1. The triangle necklace looks ah-mazing!

  2. I know! I was so happy when I saw it. The chain is a bit long though so may shorten it. x