1 February 2013

Off to the Opera

The boyf and I are off to the opera tomorrow night and I am having a fashion meltdown. What the hell do you wear to the opera?? We are going to see La Traviata - the opera featured in Pretty Woman. I will not be looking as smart (or hot) as Julia Roberts and I will not, I'm sad to say, be dripping in diamonds. I am worried that everyone else will be uber-smart and thoroughly blinged up and I will be there fresh from work in my ankle boots. 

Unfortunately I don't think the boyf is going to buy me a cheeky Oscar de la Renta a la Aleaxndr Petrovsky in SATC so I think it is best if I come up with something to wear on my own. I have picked some dresses from net-a-porter that I would LOVE to wear to the opera. Unfortunately I can afford none of the below and will therefore have to raid my wardrobe for something not as spectacular but equally acceptable. 

1. Jacquard Dress, £485, Kenzo. This dress is beautiful. The print is unusually gorgeous and the shape is to die for. It's interesting enough to be fun and youthful but the high neck keeps it conservative enough for the opera. I would probably accessorise with a plethora of black bits 'n' bobs, including my trutsy ankle boots. 
2. Bow-Embellished Textured-Crepe Dress, £3915, Lanvin. OK, OK, this is a little out of my price range and super unrealistic but look how pretty it is! The colour and shape are so feminine, I just love it. Totally worth the price tag. Maybe.

3. Che V Printed Stretch-Silk Twill Dress, £921, Peter Pilotto. I am frickin' loving Peter Pilotto's prints this season. Is this too young to wear to the opera? Maybe it's a little too casual for such an event but I just love the pattern so much that I would throw the bloody opera rules out of the window.
4. Henderson Strapless Puckered Silk-Blend Organza Gown, £2370, Roland Mouret. Maybe I should try something a bit more classic. The colour of this dress is amazing. I know from trying on sessions that Roland Mouret dresses fit like a dream creating the perfect silhouette for any body shape. I just don't know if I can pull off floor-length fuchsia.
5. Draped Stretch-Crepe Jersey Gown, £1215, Vionnet. Maybe Julia Roberts had it right, maybe I should go for a floor-length scarlet number. I just don't think this would look quite right without the diamonds and rubies. I suppose if I get the dress, boyf could take care of the jewels right?

I think I will be going with a younger style of dress for my outing tomorrow evening. If I look semi-decent I shall get the bf to snap my outfit so that I can share with you lovely lot. Sadly, none of the above will be welcoming themselves into my wardrobe but a girl can dream no? Have any of you been to the opera? What would you recommend wearing? 

*All photos from Net-A-Porter


  1. love thoses dresses, specially the second one, so cute :) I followed you on GFC, maybe follow back?

  2. Thanks for the follow - am following back. xxx