24 February 2013

My Top Ten iPhone Photography Apps

It seems as though you can't look anywhere online at the mo without seeing someone's filtered photos. As a lover of lomography there is a side to me that wishes we could all go back to ye olde film where you never know what you're going to get until you can be bothered/remember to get the roll developed. However, I bloody love my camera pics and what I can do with them at the touch of a button. I love that vintage feel without the hassle of getting prints. I use my iPhone a lot more than I should to snap the world around me. I know the quality isn't as good as when I use my DSLR but I just love the character you get from a good filter and a bit of tilt shifting. 

To demonstrate each app I used the same photo which I took a little while ago at the V&A. So here are my top ten photography apps for the iPhone (some are probably also available for android phones too):

1. Snapseed

This app was recommended by a photography pro and, although it cost a little more than other apps (I think it was about £3.99), I am really happy I splashed out. Once you get used to using Snapseed you can make your photos look incredible. The tilt shift and centre focus functions are the ones I use the most. The only thing I do not like is the lack of interesting frames but you can always add these afterwards in a different app. 

2. PictureShow

I really like the frames on this app as they are different to most others. The one I have chosen here probably isn't the best one to illustrate this actually - sorry! There are so many different facets to this app that I don't think I have even scratched the surface of what you can do with it. There are plenty of fun filters to choose from and some technical bits so that you can make each shot really individual.  

3. Lo-Mob

Lo-Mob is potentially my favourite iPhone app. This is mainly because I love Polaroid frames and this app has plenty. The filters are all pretty vintage-y; some are a bit too much but you can turn off the filter and keep the frame if you prefer. Despite it being one of my real faves I don't actually use Lo-Mob all that much but I just love the old-school quality it gives my pics. 

4. Picfx

There are so many filters on this app it is a bit ridiculous. What I love about Picfx though is that you can layer the filters so that your pics can look unique. There is literally any filter you can think of on this app so there isn't much you can't create. The only negative is you can't adjust the focus. 

5. Vintage Cam

Vintage Cam is probably my most used iPhone app. It is so easy to work, I am on it all the time. There isn't a huge range of filters and you can't actually adjust anything but the filters it does have are really diverse and the frames are cool. Not much else to say about this one really!

6. Pixlromatic+

Pixlromatic+ was the first app that I really started using when I got my iPhone. To be honest, I actually use this more on my PC to alter my "proper" photos. There are sooooo many filters, frames, and light leaks that it can take a while to choose the ones that you want to use. Not practical for out and about snapping but great for playing around on a lazy Sunday. I would definitely recommend downloading on your PC. 

7. BeFunky

I hate the name of this app. However, I enjoy using it to edit my snaps so I am willing to let the name thing slide. There are a smattering of filters to choose from and some interesting frames. You can also sharpen, brighten, increase/decrease contrast etc. I used this app a lot on my holiday to Cyprus last year (see here for more pics). A good app to choose if you want unusual filter/frame options with a bit extra. 

8. insta...e Free

I only really use this app for putting multiple pics together like in my last blog post (Cheeky Secret).  Other than that I don't really use it. You can use it to edit pics with Instagram style filters but I prefer to do this in other apps. 

9. Hipstamatic 
No photo to illustrate this one as you can't use pics from your existing camera roll. I love this app because it is like using a real camera. There is a plethora of films to buy so that your pics can have almost any effect. It is really quite random what your photos will end up looking like and, like I said, you can't edit them once they have been taken. Great for somebody who loves Diana+ style photography. 

10. Disposable
Again, no photo to display here as you can't add pics from your camera roll. What I love about this is that you can't look at your photos until you have used the entire roll of 'film' (approx 24 snaps). If, like me, you forget to use it for a while this brings up some surprises when you finally 'develop' your camera. I have even been known to take photos of really random stuff to use up the film (seat belts, car parks) like I used to do with real disposable cameras.

These are only a portion of the apps that I use. I have recently got into Instagram in a big way and have just downloaded another app called Wood Camera. I also use the picture booth style apps to create loads of stupid mug shots of myself but I think these snaps are best not shared. What photography apps would you guys recommend? 

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