17 February 2013

Leopard Nails

Here are the supplies I used for my leopard nails. I used a buffer as my nails were a bit ridged. I have used better buffers than this Miss Manicure one but it did an OK job. Ridges weren't completely eradicated but I got a smoother effect overall. I took this look from my Wah Nail Art book. If you are a nail art fiend I suggest you get a copy; it's fun and informative. 

I always use this Barry M base coat. It dries really quickly and doesn't make my nails peel off like so many other base coats I have tried. For my leopard background I went for Gone Fishing by Topshop and for the top coat I used Chanel's Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer. I used the Chanel top coat because it is super shiny. 

The Wah Nail Art Book gives great step by step instructions for each of their looks. They made creating this leopard print look super easy. I went for the mint green as I loved the way it looked in their photos but you could literally use any colour. If you have different colour nail pains as well you can switch up the actual leopard markings. 

Et voila! Mint green leopard nails to take out on the town.

If any of you create your own leopard combos leave a link in the comments so that I can see and be inspired. 


  1. Thanks Mahnoor. I will be trying it with some other colours soon. xx