3 February 2013

La Traviata at the English National Opera

I had envisioned getting to the Coliseum, having a little champagne and commenting on what everyone was wearing. Unfortunately the boyf got out of work late and so we had to hot-foot it to the opera to get in on time. We made it with about three minutes to spare and therefore could only comment on a few people. The overriding feeling between us was 'glad we didn't dress up any more for this'. I suppose the days of Pretty Woman dressing up for the opera are long gone which is a bit sad really. 

The Coliseum itself is absolutely beautiful. The faux-Roman interior is overly grandiose which makes you feel like you are going to witness something spectacular. 

Got me a little programme - standard. There was a couple in front of us who were, quite clearly, seasoned pros at the opera. She had her own little opera glasses. I was super jealous but they were so unnecessary. 

I was shocked when the singers started as they were singing in English. I thought I was going crazy as I had assumed they would be singing in Italian. I was a bit let down at this as I think not understanding the words would have helped me to feel the music even more. Having said this I think it was good for the boyf that he could understand what was happening. It was tough enough for him to stay awake as it was. 

The singer playing Violetta was amazing. Her voice really hit you in the heart. This sounds stupid but the emotion in it was a bit overwhelming at times. I had some real Pretty Woman moments of welling up which were not shared by the bf. 

Couldn't get any street style shots of my outfit as we were running so late on the way there and on the way out I was busting for the loo so we hurried to dinner. So you will have to settle for some close-ups from after the event. 

I wore a Primark dress (I know, after all of those super expensive ones I was lusting after), Topshop belt, New Look boots and a Zara blazer which I have not snapped.  

The dress is actually really cute. It sits just above the knee and has a flowy skirt with a lacy body. It's actually quite feminine for me. Hence why I toughened it up with black accessories. The Topshop tiger belt is a firm fave of mine from a couple of years ago. I wear it with nearly everything so felt it only right that I take it to the opera. 

I love these boots. The flat studs on the back add interest and the rounded toe helps my size sixers look smaller than they are. They aren't the comfiest boots out there but I wear them everyday. 

After the opera we went to Mishkin's for dinner. I love this restaurant. The mac 'n' cheese is to die for. The bf went for a sandwich that looked ridiculously good (he confirmed that this was the case). If you haven't been I suggest you go ASAP. 


  1. hmmm Ive nevr been t the Opera !! you may have just inspired me :D

  2. It's not to everyone's taste but you have to try it to see!x