10 February 2013

I Fly Like Paper, Get High Like Planes

I totally copied this look from here - I couldn't resist, it's too fun. I went for the traditional blue base colour but I reckon this look could work with any background. I have seen it online in yellow which worked quite well. I used nail art pens in black and white from Topshop to create the little plane. I did the white bit first and then outlined in black. 

Had to take a snap with my new favourite rings from H&M. Totally going to be rocking this look in the Summer. 

Couldn't help having a go at making some actual paper planes too. They flew for ages! Templates downloaded here


  1. Amazing! Love the pastel colour of the varnish. I need to stop biting my nails...

  2. Yes you should stop biting your nails. Then you can send me pics of your own funky nails. xxx

  3. So sad that you have to take these off for work :( Jo xx

  4. I know! I am on holiday now though so am rocking some mint green leopard print :) - blog post on this to follow. x