4 February 2013

DIY Sticker Purse

After being inspired by a post I saw on Style Bubble I decided to make me a simple sticker purse. I was going to make a clutch bag but couldn't find the right one for the right price. Then I happened across this cute pink purse in H&M which was a steal at £2.99. I needed something cheap so that I wouldn't feel bad about defacing it. 

Supplies are pretty simple. The purse I got in H&M, safety pins you can get anywhere, and sticker book I got from WHSmith for £5.99. You can most definitely get stickers for cheaper than this but I came across the book and fell in love with the pearl stickers. 

Once you have your supplies, you just need to get stuck in and start sticking. When I first envisioned this project I thought I was going to absolutely overload my purse in stickers but as I was going along I thought that less was more. As I have so many stickers left I may do another project and just go a bit sticking mental. 

I added the safety pins because I saw a cool neon yellow clutch bag by Alexandre Herchcovitch which was adorned with safety pins, keys, and smiley face stickers. Inspired. 

Well I think it turned out quite cute! One of the world's easiest DIY projects to create something unique. 

(Sorry about the weird tilt shift on this photo - was using the Canon but I haven't quite got the hang of it yet)

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