23 February 2013

Cheeky Secret

What a name for a lipstick. I always seem to pick lipsticks with dud names. The girls in my office recently introduced one of the few lads to lipstick names which started a convo about what ours were called. N's was very aptly called 'Dragon Girl', K's new lippie was called 'Manhunter', then came my turn. 'Plum'. That's right, 'Plum'. Great. Thanks Revlon for the innovative name for your plum coloured lipstick. 

Cheeky Secret. I really don't know how they come up with these names. Anyhoo, I bought Cheeky Secret because I wanted an orange lipstick. If, like me, you are seeking an orange colour, I wouldn't really go for this; it is extremely sheer and looks more like a nude gloss than an orange lipstick. It looks good on, it's quite peachy and, like I said, glossy but it is very natural and not the bold, bright range that I was after. It also doesn't last very long on, probably down to the fact that it is quite balmy. The best part is the nifty little mirror - super handy for out and about application. 

So I am still on the look out for a bright orange lipstick. If any of you have found one, please let me know. Oh, and I am still on the hunt for a new nickname. Cheeky Secret? No thanks, I'll stick with Plum.