12 February 2013

365 Day Challenge: Week Six

Trying to concentrate on work last week was not happening. Friday was my last day and I am now on holiday for two and a half weeks - let me get a 'Hell yeah!'. Although I have absolutely nothing planned (other than buying a home), I am in Heaven. I have no money to do anything but knowing that I can do whatever I want for two long weeks is so satisfying. I will probably try to do something with my time but, let's be honest, will end up doing sweet FA. Here's the run down of my black and white photies from week six. 

Day Thirty Six: Nails a la Westwood Practising my nail art again. This time inspiration came from Vivienne Westwood's SS13 show. These nails look much better in colour as they are beautiful pastel shades. I used a white nail art pen to do the curved and pointed half moons. 

Day Thirty Seven: HTML Extraordinaire Not sure if you've noticed but I gots me some new social media icons. I created them myself. Input the HTML code and everything. That's right, I am now a total HTML whizz kid. 

Day Thirty Eight: Second Hand News I LOVE Fleetwood Mac and was therefore gutted not to have got tickets to their September show. This was all my own fault as I slept through my alarm and all tickets had gone by the time I remembered. But it's fine as I have a little Fleetwood Mac concert nearly everyday on my way to work thanks to the trusty iPhone. And when I say it's fine I mean no one brag to me about their tickets or I will punch you in your face. 

Day Thirty Nine: A Little Bit Leopard Ah holidays! Goodbye boring work nails, hello mint green leopard. Blog post to follow on these beauties. What better way to start my holidays than with a nice cuppa and some nail art. Bliss!

Day Forty: Mega Breakfast I say breakfast, I didn't get out of bed until 12 so really this was lunch. Cheese and beans on toast to celebrate the first day of  freedom. Epic. 

Day Forty One: Rain, Rain... The best thing about being on holiday is not having to go out when it is pissing down with rain. That's right, I can stay inside, in my pyjamas, drinking tea and watching all the classics (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days). 

Day Forty Two: Snow?? This photo was taken in the wee hours of Monday morning as I had been sat up watching whatever crap was on TV and had not noticed that it had been snowing for hours. You can't really tell from this pic but the snow settled quite well. If you look closely you can see that the top of the bus looks whiter than usual. 

OK I have to admit that I have been a bit confused about this challenge. I think weeks two - five I was running mon-sun when I should have been going tues-mon. So this week I am back on track and the photos are on the correct timeline. 

I will stop harping on about my holidays soon especially as I know I will start to panic about not having done anything and then I will be stressed and not in the holiday mood at all. 

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