9 February 2013

365 Day Challenge: Week Five

This post is a little late this week as I have been hard at work preparing for my two weeks off. That's right, no work for two whole weeks. Wooooohoooo! I just about managed to complete this project during the week - I must admit it wasn't my primary focus. Now my holidays are here and I'm not actually fleeing the city I have no excuses not to be taking amazing snaps every day. 

Day Twenty Nine: A Good Start To The Week Pretty much every day in Pret I buy Cranberries in Coats. They are my weakness. You usually get about twelve in a packet so imagine my surprise hen all of these fell out. I knew right there that this was going to be a gooood week. 

Day Thirty: Too Far? In a drunken haze I vaguely remember discussing opening a nail business with my good friend JS. Getting home I thought it would be a good idea to order a practise finger. 79p on Amazon? Don't mind if I do. It arrived and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it, it's creepy. I also went a bit bonkers buying more Models Own Pro nail polishes which are still on sale in Boots. 

Day Thirty One: Total Eclipse of the Heart Valentine's stuff is everywhere at the mo. My fave campaign is the Liberty soundtrack. The artwork is really fun and caters to everyone from the loved-up newlywed (Don't Wanna Miss A Thing) to the singleton (All Out Of Love). 

Day Thirty Two: Amma Who? Thanks Starbucks. I visit you every day. Sometimes twice. You say hello to me and ask how it's going. You usually put my actual name on the cup. Why oh why did you suddenly christen me Amma? 

Day Thirty Three: WAH!!!! Another purchase made whilst wearing my white wine goggles. This time one that I will actually use. Very inspiring for this nail art fiend. 

Day Thirty Four: Mag Time I love getting home with a new magazine. I switch on the kettle and zone out to some tasty fashion. The best time is the beginning of the month when Elle and Vogue come out. They're oldies but goodies. I get a weekly Grazia, and I love Company too. In this bunch is Elle Collections which is a bit pricier but it gives a great round up of the best fashion weeks for the season. 

Day Thirty Five: It's the Operah Dahling As you will know from previous posts, I went tot he opera. I loved it. This is my outfit. Not entirely sure what went on with the frame of this pic but never mind. Read about my opera experience here

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