26 February 2013

365 Day Challenge: Week Eight

Week eight was a big week for me. I won't bore you with all the deets in this little intro - feast your eyes on what I got up to...

Day Fifty: Ho-Burn I went to meet my good friend J in Holborn for a good catch-up. We ended up in Soho for dinner at La Bodega Negra (not the sex shop one on Old Compton Street but the normal one on Moor Street). The food was pretty good but, after insisting that I didn't want Italian, I ended up getting the quaesadilla rustica which turned out to be pretty much a Mexican pizza. We shared a bottle of vino and had a good natter. I did take some photos of the restaurant but they didn't work very well in black and white. 

Day Fifty One: Eat 17 My dear old mum came up to see my new pad so the boyf and I took her out to dinner. Despite setting up camp in Walthamstow we haven;t really explored the area all that much. What we do know is that the best (and pretty much only) restaurants in the area sit in the village. So off we trudged in the freezing cold weather (what has happened to the Sun that I was raving about last week?) to Eat 17. I opted for the fish and chips and got the biggest bit of fish I've ever seen. It was good. Not amazing but enough to make me go back. 

Day Fifty Two: Well Hello Kitty Went to Stratford with the mum and boyf today. Was out looking for home things which is quite stressful as it makes you realise that all the tat you have collected over the years won't help you cook and that you actually need to buy pots, pans, cutlery, kettles, oh and maybe an actual kitchen. Best way to de-stress? Go to Primark and buy a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser. Obvs.

Day Fifty Three: Nails, Nails, Nails Yes I know, stop with the nails! Today was about lining up some blog posts for you lovely lot so that I can keep on top of posting when I return to work on Weds (oh my - that's tomorrow!). Lining up blog posts usually means changing my nail varnish about fifty times whilst taking pics before the natural light fades. Oh and plenty of tea. Always tea. 

Day Fifty Four: Key Time I got the keys to our new house today. Yaaaaay!!! We are officially home-owners. I feel old. But I also feel super excited. Let the nesting begin. 

Day Fifty Five: Another Lazy Sunday More pyjama shots. Not much else happens on Sundays to be honest so it's the best you're gonna get. I actually usually do a lot in Sundays if I'm not working but I keep thinking I need to relax as much as possible before I go back to work. I wore some nice clashing pjs this week which I don't think are technically nightwear but, hey!, that's how I roll. 

Day Fifty Six: Homies I put two shots for this day as it was such a monumental one for the boyf and I. We went to check out things and freaked ourselves out by the amount of work there is to do but I am still overly excited about the whole thing. The boyf got a heart sticker stuck to his shoe which I thought was quite cute. I only managed to see it because, rather than relaxing and celebrating our new home, he was off crawling around the place looking for things to fix. I suppose it's a boy thing. 

So I suppose week eight has been quite a big one for me. Buying a house and a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser in one week - I need to slow down! I think I need to impose a spending ban for March as I really need to plough my money into the new house. No more stopping off in H&M on the way home *super sad face*. 

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