30 January 2013

My Nail Polish Collection

It's quite scary seeing all of my nail varnishes lined up like this. I think my obsession has got a little out of hand. Just. I think I had better steer clear of purchasing any more for a while. For the foreseeable future I shall be working with what I have to create interesting colour combos and nail art. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as it's going to be torture trying not to add to the collection. Oh and any storage tips would also be a great help - what room of the house should they live in? Should they be on display or in boxes? 

Barry M makes up for the majority of  my collection. When I first started getting into nail varnish a few years ago Barry M was one of the only brands to offer a ginormous range of colours. Nowadays there is a huge selection of brands out there offering great shades but Barry M remains affordable and fun whilst being easy to apply and fairly chip resistant. 

I haven't tried too many of the Nail Effects from Barry M. I have one crackle and one chameleon polish. They are OK I suppose but I haven't really experimented much with them. There are new effects coming out all the time but I am much more attracted to interesting colours. 

The only downside to Barry M for me is that the names of the polishes are really unimaginative. I do like a good name and will sometimes buy colours based on funny puns. 

My top three from my Barry M collection are: 'Mint Green', '165', and 'Mushroom'. See - great names. Naaat.

I love Nails Inc. polishes but they are a little pricey. Most of these colours were given to me - thank you everyone who added to the collection. Nails Inc varnishes apply like a dream and give good coverage in two coats. The colours are varied and inventive and I find that the Nails Inc team are on top of the effects game. 

Nails Inc. play into my love of nail polish names as I am sucked in by the ones that I have a connection with. 

My top three from the collection are: 'Portobello Road', 'Basil Street', and 'Notting Hill Gate'. 

H&M has the weirdest selection of nail polishes I have ever seen in a shop. All of the polishes above are by H&M but they are housed in eight very different bottles. I get the Disney ones as they are collaborations but the others I just don't understand. They all apply differently too which is baffling. 

I have tried the majority of nail polishes on offer in H&M because they are reasonably priced - from £0.99-£2.99 - and the colours are interesting. The main collection (listed 1-6 above) have fun names and apply really well. If you know H&M nail polishes, these are the ones in the square bottle with the black lid. 

The little collection ones are limited editions, I think, and apply well too. I bought them because they were 'of the time' and really cheap. 

I LOVE the Disney collabs. The packaging is cute (how could it not be - it's Disney?) and the colours seem to fit the characters really well. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of these in the future. They seem to be limited runs too. So far I have Bambi and Snow White. 

My top three from H&M are: 'Nerd' (hence why I have two), 'Blue My Mind', and 'On Ice' (Bambi).

I blame Chanel for getting me into nail polish. Their colours have been trendsetting and I always want their seasonal collections even if the colours are a bit out there. The colours and packaging are the only reasons why I would choose Chanel above other brands. Chipping is a huge problem with Chanel nail varnish; you're lucky if your manicure lasts two days. They do apply well but the fact that they last so little time is off-putting, especially considering the extortionate price tag. 

My top three Chanel colours are: 'Blue Satin', 'Particuliere', and 'Miami Peach'. 

Models Own is a brand that I don't buy all that often. The colours are OK but they aren't particularly innovative and I often find I can get them from other brands. The colours do apply well and the names of the main line (not pro) are fun enough to keep me interested. The pro range is not one that I would really buy from. I bought these four because they were on sale. 

My top three are: 'Lavender Blue', 'In the Navy', and 'Fuzzy Peach' (more for the name than the colour). 

Oh Primark! These are typical impulse purchases - I am about to leave and I see a little box of four neon nail varnishes looking out at me for £1.99. Suddenly I have twelve nail varnishes in my hands as I am standing in the world's longest queue waiting to pay. Anyone paying by cash? No. Because no one I know pays by cash any more. Sorry - thinking about these nail polishes brings back bad Primark memories for me. It's OK, I'm over it. Nearly. 

Primark polishes do  not apply all that well - surprise surprise - but what do you expect for 50p a pot? The consistency varies, some are a little thick, some are a little watery. I don't know if they last very long because I have never really worn them out properly. 

I haven't bought too many Essie polishes because the colours don't really grab me. Not for the price of them anyway. They apply really nicely though and have good staying power. I love the 'Sew Psyched' colour.

Topshop nail polishes are my new crush. This goes for all Topshop make-up actually. I love walking in and seeing the huge wall of colours before me (most of them are repeats but who cares?). They don't actually have a massive range of colours but what they do have are interesting and trend-driven. I love the packaging too. My fave is 'Threadbare'. 

Rimmel are good quality polishes with a reasonable price tag. No amazingly out there colours but I love their flatter, curved brush as it gives a great application. My fave colour is 'Rose Libertine'. 

The rest of my collection is a bit of a mish-mash. I won't go into detail about all of them as I have probably already bored you to tears with nail polish talk. 

My faves out of this lot are: 'Rust 1' and 'Petrol 1' both from Urban Outfitters and 'Houston We Have A Purple' from OPI. 

So there you have it - the nail polishes of an incessant hoarder. I truly do not know how I am going to store all of these when I get a real person's house. I know that my poxy little shoe box won't hold out much longer. Maybe I'll start Googling it. 

What are your favourite nail polishes? Any new brands I should be aware of?


  1. I love how you put all the shades in your notebook, makes me want to do it too :) x

    1. You should! Let me see a pic if you do. x

  2. WOW... such creativity :O :O :O ... love it and love your nail polish collection :D it's amazing :D ive followed you !!!!

    Deb xxx

  3. I know! I am out of control. Since you left me Barry M has become my new BFF. x