27 January 2013

H&M Payday Haul

Oh H&M, taker of my money, why do you tempt me so? I went in to the Regent Street branch with one aim: find an oversized, light weight black jumper. What did I end up with? Two jumpers, a necklace, two rings, and a nail polish. Standard trickery sucking me in at every turn. 

H&M Basics: top, £12.99; bottom, £14.99
There's no real interesting way to photograph black jumpers. I suppose I could get someone to snap me wearing them but as you know, that's not really my thing right now. So you will have to make do with some up-close texture shots. As you can see I gots me one light weight jumper and one chunkier one. They are both quite loose fitting and long in length (they come below the bum but well above the knee). Poifect with blue jeans, grey jeans, just about any jeans actually. Add in some over-the knee boots, ankle boots, heels, flats mmmm, just about any shoe too and you have yourself the simplest outfit in the world. The trick with the oversized black jumper is the styling. Mix it up with some fun jewellery, accessories and nails. 

Nail Polish in Play it Coral, £0.99
I can't resist the nail polishes in H&M. This little coral number caught my eye by the till point (where I always get sucked into add-ons). It's not a range I've seen in H&M before so I just had to give it a go. This coral is a really nice shade, not overly orange like some others I've tried. At just 99p what's not to love?

Rings £5.99 for two
I'm not usually a huge fan of the jewellery in this branch of H&M. They don't have a great range and there's a lot of tacky plastic shit. I was really happy to find these bad-ass rings in there as I love a bit of gold studding. I imagine there will come a time when my fingers will turn a horrible shade of green from these lovelies but I can live with that as they are just so damned hot. 

Necklace £7.99

I had planned my trip to H&M the night before as I needed a jumper for an event I was going to. AS I was going out straight from work I had meant to take some jewellery with me as I knew that a black jumper and jeans would not an interesting outfit make. However, in the struggle that is getting out of bed and to work on time I forgot to gather some necklaces. That's why I purchased this little number when I ventured into H&M. It was about the only decent necklace they had but it's pretty special. It made my outfit look way better than it was and I got complimented on it - success!

I think I better cut myself off in Feb. No more excessive purchasing. I will have to make do with what I have which is actually quite a lot. I think the problem is that most of it is packed away in boxes so my mind has tricked itself into thinking I need stuff. Oh well - here's to a super saver February. Wish me luck, this will be tough. 

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