6 January 2013

H&M Haul

So I decided to be good this month and not go crazy spending. Unfortunately I can't walk past H&M without going in. I didn't go too mental in there this time around. I made most of my purchases from the sale rails. The other two items were work clothes so totally guilt-free. 

The Haul

Surprisingly I went for a plethora of candy-coloured clothes. I usually go for a more muted palette - my taste is evolving, how exciting. I managed to get 5 tops, 1 cardie, a skirt and three nail polishes for £70. Not bad. 

Snow White for Nails

I think I've mentioned before that I'm not a huge fan of sale shopping. The rails tend to be disorganised and you have to sift through a whole heap of junk to find a real bargain. However, the H&M on Regent Street is quite a little oasis as people tend to bypass it for the three Oxford Street branches. 

it's in the detail

The cropped cardigan is really classy looking. It was £10 down from £20 and comes in cream and black. 
The sheer studded peplum top was £14.99 and not in the sale. I got it for work as wearing black all day can be super dull and the little studs add some much needed interest. 
How could I resist Snow White nail varnish? It's too cute. I actually have some Bambi nail varnish too which I will blog about later this month. Love these little H&M/Disney collabs. 
The pink top was £3 down from £7.99 while the sequinned skirt was £7 down from £14.99. The top is super bright, especially for me, but looks great with the skirt. I'm just hoping that fluro brights will take off again at some point in the year. 

Have you guys been shopping in the sales yet? What bargains have you found?

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