23 January 2013

Fox Ate My Ugg Boot

This story made my day today. I absolutely hate Ugg boots. They are ugly and over priced. This little fox, hounded by some animal paparazzi, did what any Ugg hater would do and bit through the woman's fugly shoe. He is my hero. 

My favourite line from the Evening Standard article was "a wildlife expert said the fox may have attacked because it believed the boots were a small animal". HA! I disagree with this though, I think he totally knew what he was biting into. Ridding the world of Ugg boots is totally his life mission and I love him for it. Fox 1, Ugg boots 0. 


  1. This is amazing! I hate Uggs too, and I am enjoying looking at all your illustrations so much :)



  2. Thanks! It can be hard to find time to do the illustrations but I do enjoy them. I like yours too - you should do more. xx