22 January 2013

Aztec Nail Art Practice

My nail art has gone to a whole new level recently. Not content with snowflakes and reindeer I have taken on the Aztec Print. It hasn't always been successful but I have had fun trying. I probably won't be showcasing any Aztec nails until later on in the year as they are more of a summery look but practising now means they should look amazing by then.

Most ideas start in my little book-o-notes like this. Just a random little musing which turns into some wonderful(ish) nail art.  

I have been wanting Aztec nails for a while now but kind of resent paying to get my nails done when they probably won't last as long as I'd like. So, as I am a cheapskate, I have been practising with my nail art pens to try and get the look down. The results have been varied but the process was kind of fun. 

As you can tell from this look my hand is a bit shaky when adding the detail. I liked the bright base colours but in future I would probably use the white nail art pen to ad a bit more interest to the pattern. 

You have to love a bit of lilac! This look is more toned down. I like the black and white detail here and the patterns are interesting. Not sure where I got them from, I think it was a random selection from a Google search. 

Here I went for a mint green with a cheeky nude nail thrown in for good luck. I used the same Aztec pattern on each nail which I quite liked at the time but compared to the lilac nails I think I prefer a different design on each finger. 

I like the pastel background colours for this look but think I am going to go all out for summer with some bright backgrounds and garish designs. 


  1. Like the lilac ones best! How do you manage this much detail on the left hand? xx

    1. Doing the left hand was the easy bit. Trying to do the right hand is the tricky bit. It all went a bit Pete Tong when I tried the right hand :/

  2. you nails are absolutely gorgeous :D ...u have natural talent :D




  3. Thanks Deb! These turned out wel but I still need a bit more practise I think. xx