14 January 2013

365 Day Challenge: Week Two

Was a bit busy last week trying to get everything in focus for 2013 hence why I've been a bit lax on the old blogging front. I have been keeping up with my 365 day challenge though but it is still quite tough getting good black and white shots. I think I am going to stop using th'iPhone and start using a proper camera to get better snaps. The filters on the app I'm using just make the contrast a bit too extreme. Feast your peepers on the weekly round-up:

Day Eight: Key Chain I'm not really sure why this bunch of keys caught my imagination. I think it was just the sheer amount of them strung together with a bit of wire. I took a colour shot of this which worked much better I have to say. 

Day Nine: Diet Chef The boyf has his work cut out with me at the mo. as I am embarking on a no-carb diet for a couple of weeks. He cooked me this gorgeous aubergine parmigiana for dinner - five gold stars. 

Day Ten: Arty Cat My dad gave me this print a little while ago as he cleared out his flat. I love cats and cannot wait to get this framed for my new house (all paperwork seems to be going through so am just playing the waiting game). 

Day Eleven: Puppy Love Don't think I have mentioned the fact that I bought the pup phone case featured in my Top 5 Christmas Wish List post. I love it! He works well in black and white. Obvs.

Day Twelve: Lebanese Date Lovely boyf met me from work to go for dinner. I Love going for dinner! We went for Lebanese in Soho. I had the halloumi salad which was tasty but a bit tart. I am not a huge fan of vinegar so my mouth tightened a little but the halloumi was gorgeous. 

Day Thirteen: Uh-Oh! Another Dinner This time with work colleagues. It was actually our Christmas outing - better late than never I suppose. We headed to Carluccio's in St Christopher's Place for a laid back meal. It was quite nice actually. The food was OK, not amazing but pretty standard Italian. Wine was good and conversation was fun. 

Day Fourteen: Boots Addiction Continues I can't stay out of the bloody place. I think of one thing that I need and end up with six products. This time around I went for a Nivea moisturiser, a L'Oreal foundation and BB Cream, and three Rimmel nail polishes. One of the nail polishes was a mattifying top coat - it's amazing! I will do a proper post on this later. 

So there you have my black and white weekly report. So far so good. Still only the second week so am expecting much bigger improvements throughout the year. Exciting. 

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