21 January 2013

365 Day Challenge: Week Three

This week has all been about the snow. I have to say I was unprepared. I have been walking around freezing my arse off as I cannot find my scarf and do not have many jumpers unpacked. I really don't know how people manage to look chic in this weather. I feel like I need about fifty layers to stay warm and fifty layers do not a fashionable lady make. Fifty layers a Michelin woman make. 

Day Fifteen: Topshop Nail Art Splurge A quick visit to Topshop for a belt resulted in some nail art tools and a couple of cute lip balms. The belt was for work so the visit was totally justified. After my successful winter nails as seen here I am going to attempt some more funky nail art in the coming weeks. Watch this space. 

Day Sixteen: Back to Black After my nail art purchases I went to the opposite extreme by painting my nails black. I was actually testing out my new matte topcoat for chalkboard-esque nails but remembered mid-way that I actually quite like a shiny black nail. Classy in a goth kinda way. 


Day Seventeen: Blog Prep Just creating a little 1920s collage for an upcoming post. I do love a bit of daytime craftiness.  

Day Eighteen: There's No Business Like Snow Business Cute little flakes dropping down over Walthamstow Central today. I don't actually like snow all that much. It looks pretty but I am hopeless at walking on slushy pavements. When I was fourteen I slipped flat on my arse on the way to school and got picked up by a bin man. Twice. I do like watching the snow falling while I'm inside though. 

Day Nineteen: Bye Bye Y Said goodbye to a dear friend today. My lovely Y is headed back to Japan for some much needed r&r. She is, quite possibly, a crazier cat lady than I am and so I made her this card. Suffice to say she loved it. Hopefully I will get to visit her in her home town sometime. 

Day Twenty: More Frosting Snow, snow, snow. Woke up and Walthamstow had been covered with a white blanket. Yes it's pretty but no I still am not 100% into it. Luckily I live opposite the station otherwise this would end in tears. 

Day Twenty One: Sleepy Sunday Best part of working on a Sunday? Having the tube to myself. Oh yeah, signing out loud for one whole stop makes it all worth while. 

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