7 January 2013

365 Day Challenge: Week One

Part of making this year one of my best yet is trying new things. I decided to start a 365 day challenge which is something I have seen on one of my favourite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. For my challenge I am going to take a black and white photo every day. It is actually harder than I thought it would be. Trying to make black and white photos look interesting can be difficult. Hopefully I will get black and white photography down to a fine art throughout the year and you will see a marked improvement.  

Day One: Scrapbook Cats Look out for a DIY post later in the year with these amazing cat pictures. Purchased from Tiger for 50p I could not be more excited to use them. If you have any ideas for what I should do with them, let me know. 

Day Two: Too Much Choice Sorting through the nail polishes is a bad idea when you have nearly a hundred shoved into a shoe box. This photo didn't work too well. It would probably have looked better in colour. 

Day Three: Sleeping Tubesters Ahh I know this feeling only too well. I'm sure the motion of the tube rocks you to sleep. 

Day Four: Mr Sax Man Catching some jazz with friends at the Soho Pizzeria. I'm not a huge jazz fan but it's perfect for accompanying a low-key meal. 

Day Five: E is for Emma Couldn't resist this little cutie from Accessorize. 

Day Six: Twit Twoo I have been keeping all of my cards in an Oyster card holder which isn't ideal.  So on the way home the other day I had a little detour to look for a new card house. I opted for this little Accessorize (gosh I go there too much) one. It's navy with a little owl motif. Nice. Again this photo didn't turn out too well. I am starting to learn what works and what doesn't with this black and white malarkey. 

Day Seven: From Dummy to HTML Genius Let's be honest, this photo isn't a great masterpiece but never mind. This challenge is all about the learning for me and I am sure I will start taking better shots than this. I am also excited about teaching myself to become an HTML whizz. If anyone has any pointers on making this easier, please let me know. Although this book is written in the most basic of basic English HTML still looks like gobbledygook to me. 

What are you guys challenging yourself on this year? 


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    1. Hopefully you will see my black and white photography skills flourish!