29 January 2013

365 Day Challenge: Week Four

A bit of a random selection of shots this week. Started the week with the leftover snow and ended with some winter sunshine - the weather in this country is frickin' bonkers sometimes. Have to confess that I haven't really been out and about much this week. The less I wander, the less I spend, and when it gets to the end of January the less I spend, the better. 

Day Twenty Two: Just a bit of Tapestry I am currently making this cross-stitch bookmark. It helps relax me of an evening - how very 19th Century. Maybe I will give it to someone as a gift when I'm done. Look out - it could be you, you lucky thing!

Day Twenty Three: Bedtime Stories I am currently reading Grace:A Memoir, Lolita, and Frankenstein. I am really enjoying Grace Coddington's book; it's filled with fun illustrations and old school fashion shoots. I have only just started the other two. I will give you an update on how I feel about them when they are finished. 

Day Twenty Four: My New BFF Love this little contraption. I'm still not really sure what it is but it's some sort of   re-usable coffee cup. It's basically a mug with a rubbery coffee cup style lid. I don't care what it's officially called; it allows me to drink a peppermint tea on the way to work without having to pay over the odds for it from a coffee shop and that's all that matters. Thanks to the boyf's family for my cherished Christmas gift. 

Day Twenty Five: A Hidden Treat I forgot that I purchased these for Christmas so was super joyed to find them hiding in my living room. I used to hate Turkish Delight until I tried these from Lokum. I went to their little shop on Walton Street where my  good friend G works. He offered me these to try and I was blown away - they are soooo good. I just had to get some. I love the packaging too; you can't tell from this photo but the box is like a little tambourine. 

Day Twenty Six: H&M Haul I wrote about these in my last blog post. Had a little detour in H&M on the way home and gots me a few bits. I have already had loads of compliments on these rings - predominantly the one on the right as I haven't really worn the other one. 

Day Twenty Seven: Here Comes The Sun OMG imagine my surprise to be awoken by the Sun. I thought my old friend had vanished for winter but out he came to give me some much needed vitamin D. I was so happy I could have cried (OK that's a step too far but I was super dooper happy). The black and white doesn't really work here but I couldn't leave the sunshine out of my weekly round-up. 

Day Twenty Eight: The Obsession Continues Oh Dear! More lipsticks. This time No.7 in 'Glam', Hourglass in 'Icon' and Revlon Lip Butter in 'Strawberry Shortcake'. I love the bright red No.7 shade. The Hourglass shade looks great in the tube (it's a really deep red) but on the lips is a bit too pink for my liking. Revlon's Lip Butters feel really nice on, they are really nourishing with a good colour. They don't last very long though which is, I suppose, because they are more like a colouring lip balm. 

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