26 December 2012

What Santa Gots Me

This year I didn't really ask for much other than things for my first home. Fingers crossed that I will be moved into my very own flat early in the new year so that I can make use of my fabulous gifts. 

Retro Home was bought for me by me good old dad and has already given me loads of interior inspiration. My mum got me, among other things, gift cards for Ikea and M&S which will come in super handy as I really don't have much in the way of furniture. I got the Le Creuset dish and kettle along with the Emma Bridgewater mugs for the boyf but really they were for both of us and our new home.  

I am an avid reader so it was only natural that a few books should feature on my gift list. I started Cheryl's autobiography yesterday and have already finished. I love her; she is my guilty pleasure. Big thank you to my step-mum for getting me Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington. Another hero of mine but for different reasons to Cheryl, Grace only came on my radar after watching The September Issue. Anyone who can stand up to Anna Wintour is a legend in my eyes. 

Boyf did good getting me the special Great Expectations from my stocking wishlist. He also got me Moonrise Kingdom which is such a great film. 

My mum got me a little surprise book, A Street Cat Named Bob. I remember seeing the guy from this book, with Bob, in Soho and thinking 'what the hell would possess a homeless person to get a bloody cat?' I mean I love cats but that seems window-licking mental to me. Now I can find out! 

I got other gifts under the tree but it will be a bit boring for you if I list them all here. Thank you to everybody who got me a little something - I am truly grateful to be thought of. I wish I had got a bit more into the spirit of Christmas this year as I actually much prefer giving presents to receiving them. But alas! I had to save this year and so was a bit of a Scrooge on the giving front. 

Anyhoo. I'm off the watch The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Channel 4. It's the Swedish version which I love but it does mean I have to stop typing and concentrate on the subtitles. 

Christmas is over. Roll on the new year. 

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