2 December 2012

Top 5 Christmas Wish List

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone Cases
I LOVE these iPhone cases. They are too cute. But which one to go for? The sad dog with hearts in his eyes? Or the sleepy bunny with the heart nose? Oh decisions, decisions. Which one would you choose? 

2. Anya Hindmarch 'Joss' Studded Wallet
I need a new purse. Badly. This Anya Hindmarch one is really cute. I love a bit of studding and the hearts that adorn this purse make it pretty but edgy. I would opt for the black version of this as it will go with anything. 

3. YSL 'Arty' Ring
I love the YSL Arty rings. I found this blue stoned one somewhere online. I can't find the link any more so if anyone spots it while they're out and about, please let me know. One thing I've heard about these rings - from multiple sources - is that they turn your finger the brightest of green. I know the ring is a costume piece but for nearly £200 I would expect a little bit of quality. Will this put me off? Probably not. 

4. Diptyque 'Feu de Bois' Candle
Diptyque have the best smelling candles. This scent is a little bit masculine but I love it. It is so smoky and sensual; it creates an amazing atmosphere. I just love the look of these candles too - very simple but feminine. Great for relaxing in the tub. 

5. Jean Paul Gaultier "Classique"
This perfume reminds me of my last winter at uni. It's a strong fragrance which I always get complimented on. It's sexy but pretty and it gives me that tingle up my nose when I apply it which always makes me think it will last a long time (not sure if this is scientifically proven but it works for me). 

Coming up with a Christmas wish list has been really difficult this year. I don't actually need anything at the moment and  there is nothing that I really, really want. I will be content with a bottle of Champagne and a box of Charbonnel & Walker Pink Champagne Truffles. Oh and Home Alone. You can't have Christmas without Home Alone. One and two. Oh! And Elf. 


  1. such a creative way to make a list! I really love it:)

  2. Thanks! It took a little longer than the usual list - thankfully I don't want much this year!x