9 December 2012

Stocking Fillers

I never used to have a stocking as a child. Any gift was seen as a proper gift, not a 'stocking filler'. Nowadays anything small is classed as a stocking filler. I still don't actually have a stocking but I thought I would create a little wish list for if I did. Hot on my stocking list are the following:

1. Clinique Chubby Stick - Not sure why I'm so drawn to these. Maybe it's because the colours are so pretty and they look like they would be super nourishing. 
2. Biba Leopard Print Belt - I have been looking for a decent leopard print belt for ages. I love the colour of this one and the gold detailing. Gotta have a bit of Xmas leopard!
3. Chanel AW12 Nail Polish Collection - If I had to pick one of the three I would go for Frenzy as it's super classy. 
4. Great Expectations, Penguin Clothbound Classics - I love Great Expectations and really would like a nice version for my bookshelf. This Penguin one is a beauty. 
5. Glow in the Dark Stars - Blast from the past! I used to have these scattered all over my ceiling. Totes want them back!
6. Moleskine Notebooks - Since I started using these earlier in the year I am a little addicted. The paper quality is so good and the hard covers are protective of my little musings. 
7. Foxy Wash Bag, Aubin and Wills - Don't really need another wash bag but this one is super cute. Sorry to my friend J who hates foxes but they just have the cutest faces!
8. Charity Bracelet - Christmas is all about the giving. This bracelet makes you feel like you have done a little bit of good this season. 
9. Moonrise Kingdom DVD - This film is so funny. It is beautifully shot with superb actors. I loved it and can't wait to see it again. 
10. Soap & Glory Gift Set - I LOVE Soap & Glory. The smell of their products, the fun names and the fact that they actually work make them among my top purchases from Boots. 
11. Smashbox Primer - Of all the primers I have used (and that's a lot), Smashbox make the best. Use before make-up to keep your look in place all day. 
12. Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo - I don't actually buy a lot of Mac products even though they are great. I love this shade, it's the perfect red for all skin tones. Because I really do need another lipstick!

So there you have it. My stocking list. Or as we used to call it in my home - little bits. I love getting little bits over Christmas, there's more to open!

What are you looking forward to you in your stocking? 

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  1. Opening my stocking is my favourite bit about Christmas - I would always put it out just before going to sleep and then get up through the night to see if it was full yet as that meant that Santa had been! I have been getting the finishing touches for Pierre-Bastien's stocking and I find it even more exciting getting the 'little bits' than the big present! Love the collage of ideas too, it's giving me stocking envy!