21 December 2012

Out and About this December

Soho Pizzeria
December has been a bit a of a mad rush. Suddenly all the people I have semi-forgotten over the past few months have reappeared in my life and making plans has become crazy. There just aren't enough days. Combined with the craziest few weeks of work I've ever had and the whole buying a house fiasco I haven't had time to think, let alone do Christmas related blogging.   

Canal watching


Eating out has featured heavily which has drained all of my moolah. I bloody love going for a good dinner though. Went to John Salt on Upper Street which was amazing. Forgot th'iPhone unfortunately but I may be able to poach some from the boyf for a special post. 
Too many Starbucks! 

Stressful work has meant one too many trips to Starbucks. Just about getting by on caffeine highs even though I blinkin' hate coffee! If only tea gave me the same buzz.

Greasy cafe brekkie. YUM!

I love walking around London with the icy wind on my cheeks. But I HATE the shopping crowds. Why do people walk so s-l-o-w-l-y?? So annoying. But that's my little Grinch moment over. I do love this city.

St Paul's is ready for X-mas, are you? 

Walking around seeing all things festive has made me feel quite Christmassy but I am soooo unprepared. When shops start Christmas in August I get a bit disoriented time-wise. I think I would rather have a mad December rush where everyone only has one month to get everything - it would make it seem more real. It might also mean that shops don't sell out of the best stuff by the end of September. Ahh if I ruled the world!

Shadowing at the Tate Modern
I've been taking in a bit of art this month to keep me inspired. Even dragged the boyf to the Tate Modern to see the Bigger Splash exhibit. Did not get to see the exhibit as the queue was about three hours long - how are there that many people around, on weekdays?? So went to the newly opened up underground oil storage compartments. Interesting. 

More Coffee!

Beautiful St.Pancras - one of my favourite London buildings

I have loved loitering around this month discovering bits of the city and visiting forgotten favourites. I think I've managed to fit everyone in - if I haven't, I'm sorry but we shall meet in the new year and get crunk (so not cool enough to pull of that word). 

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