25 December 2012

Merry Christmas One and All

Obligatory Christmas Tree Shot 

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you have all had a-mazing Christmas days. I have had a lonely old Christmas but it's been one of my best! Eating and drinking and watching some brilliant crap on TV. Oh yes I had a good old cry at Nanny McPhee this morning - a Bucks Fizz induced cry but totes emosh. I watched Tangled as well which was actually really good - again, this was watched through Bucks Fizz goggles but I'm pretty sure it was great. 

My First Stocking!!!!!

The boyf got me my very first stocking. With actual presents in! I wasn't allowed to open these until he got home from work. It was worth the wait. Prezzie post to follow. 

Standard Orange Juice for Breakfast

Christmas breakfast was amazing. As I was flying solo I woke up properly (I woke up early to watch Aladdin) at 12 and had scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and Bucks Fizz. 

Christmas Morning in London

Woke up to the rain bucketing down but it had subsided by the time I dragged myself out of bed. Still grey with no hope of a white Christmas but not pissing down. There weren't many people wandering around. Lots of cars but not many people. 

Just a bit of Christmas nail art

Being alone was fun but I did get a little bored halfway through the day. Decided to try my Topshop nail art pen again. Worked quite well. Being light-headed and festive made for some creative patterns.

M&S Christmas socks. Nice.

Did I get dressed up for Christmas day? No. I stayed in pjs all day. I did manage a jumper and the world's cutest socks but pj bottoms stayed put. If not on Christmas day, when?

Best. Present. Ever.

I will do a proper present post in a day or two but I HAD to show you these glasses. Thanks to the boss lady, M-A, for my kitty-cat glasses. They make me feel all secretarial, in a feline kind of way. 

Overall I had a fab Xmas day. The boyf arrived home at about 6 to cook the dinner. Horseradish-crusted salmon with roast veg. It tasted delicious. I did take a pic but it has been banned from here as it wasn't plated properly! That's chefs for you. Ever the perfectionists. 

What did you lovely lot get up to today?

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