6 December 2012

DIY: RE-Found Charm Bracelets

I recently posted about my love for RE. Whilst shopping in their department at Liberty I picked up three cute charms for 50p each (bargain!). I went for a dagger pierced heart, a kneeling Mary and a tiny dancer. All of my other supplies were purchased in John Lewis' haberdashery for about £5 altogether. 

First up was tiny dancer. I went for a simple red bracelet which worked quite well. I used black cotton for this. It wasn't the best thread to use but it was all I had in stock. 

This was my favourite charm. It reminded me of Baz Lurhman's Romeo and Juliet when I saw it (not sure why exactly - I think it was on a poster I had as a teen). The beads are simple but the colour is great, I love electric blue!

This bracelet was my favourite. The charm was actually my least favourite and I didn't think the multi-coloured beads would work but I think they look really interesting. My tattoo looks horrific in this pic; I need to get it redone with a crisper outline. 

This DIY project is so easy. It took me about an hour to complete two bracelets. They will make great little gifts this Christmas if, like me, you are on a tight budget. 

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