8 December 2012

Central London Christmas Lights

I remember when going to see the lights in central London was a big treat. Getting on the bus from Hammersmith I was all a quiver of excitement to see the crowds and the twinkles above, what seemed at the time, the longest street in the world. 

I now question what those lights looked like because for the past few years that I've noticed, the central lights have been crap. They are either the same or they are sponsored by some bizarre film. Narnia lighting up Regent Street? Really? Could not be less interested in Narnia lights. The worst part is they weren't even inventive advertising lights. The lion didn't even have lighty up eyes or a sparkling mane. Disappointed.com. 

Now while I do hate branded Christmas lights I can tolerate these ones as they are fun and festive. It helps that I love Marmite. And that I get eccentric Britishness - I genuinely could not see these lights in any other capital city. 

Regent Street went for a better theme this year but I don't think it was executed as well as it could've been. 'The twelve days of Christmas' is a perfect Christmas subject but I wanted to see it in lights for real - five sparkling gold rings, a twinkling partridge in a flashing pear tree and all that jazz. Still, they are a much needed improvement on previous years. 

The Carnaby Street lights have been my favourite for a couple of years now. They are actually bonkers. Last year there were some planets that looked like they were made from paper mache. This year we have the Stones. A bit bizarre but I love it! 

Where are your favourite Christmas lights?

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