13 November 2012

Wishing My Time Away

I have been wasting my time recently deciding what to do when I win the Euromillions. It is a pointless activity but I find it quite fun/deeply depressing (fun when creating the list, depressing when I realise this ain't going to happen). 

I am still revelling in Autumn and therefore created a little seasonal wishlist. It seems to consist mainly of jumpers and expensive ones at that. The cheaper items are ones that I will probably invest in, especially the sequinned skirt from Boohoo.com. I have never bought anything off of Boohoo before but I have seen sequinned skirts like this in AllSaints for about five times the price. I also love, love, LOVE the owl watch from River Island. It is vintage inspired but that kind of crappy kitsch vintage which is so me! And do you really trust me to resist the Chanel nails? I think not.  

Here is a wishlist I created on my lunch break this afternoon. I forgot my bankcard and was forced to survive the day on an apple (I never carry cash and I hate borrowing money) - shock horror!So rather than think about how hungry I was I turned my attention to thinking of the £133million I am winning tonight. Please excuse the crappy photograph, I have a Blackberry which has the world's worst camera. Also excuse the table! I have no idea which nut-case I work with decided to carve into the poor thing like this - scary!


  1. Gorgeous J Crew jumper - mmm cable knits!

  2. I am trying to save this month but have already purchased three cream jumpers! Obsessed. x