28 November 2012

Topshop Make Up Splurge

After blogging about my lack of pink lipsticks I went a little bit crazy in Topshop. Not content with one pink lipstick I decided to add three to my collection. Oh and while I was at it, in went a lip liner, a nail polish, and two nail art pens. At least I got a free Louise Gray mirror!

I have a few Topshop nail polishes and I find they apply well. Two coats work best as the first can look a little streaky. This time I went for 'Threadbare', a simple grey/taupe colour. It actually applied much better than I thought as I tend to have trouble with pale colours. I put my artistic skills to the test with the white nail art pen. I haven't tried nail art before so I went for simple polka dots. I fear I may not ever be able to do anything more intricate so it's a good job I like dots. 

OK, onto the lipsticks. I put little to no thought in the lipsticks I purchased and therefore ended up with two brights and one soft pink. These pics don't really do the lipsticks justice. 'Legend' is the Louise Gray lippie and it is neon pink. Think pink highlighter and you have the right colour. 'All About Me' is also very bright. It's not quite so garish but it is pretty out there. In the pics above I smushed the colour into my lips a bit so they look more muted. 'Innocent' is quite a cute pink, not a colour that I have gone for before. I have worn it more than I thought so it has become a bit of an everydayer.

I think I am all make-upped out for this season but if I do get any more little bits I will obvs let you know.


  1. love your nail polish and the lip liner:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  2. Thanks! I haven't tried the lip liner yet but it's a great colour. x

  3. I didn't even know that topshop made lipstick! and they are so cute I am deff going to go out and get one.



  4. I definitely recommend them. They apply really easily and last quite well. They have a great range of colours too. x