2 November 2012

Simple Autumn Salad

I have been dreadful with food recently. Having been preoccupied trying to sort out mortgage stuff (OMG I am becoming too much of an adult) I have been grabbing stuff on the go and rushing dinner. When I say rushing dinner, the last two nights in a row this meal has consisted of a Dairylea       Dunker and a cup of tea. Worst. Dinner. Ever. 

So today on a rare day off I decided to scour my fridge for something I can actually make. I went for a little avocado, tomato and beetroot salad with halloumi. This meal is so easy - not quite as easy as a Dairylea Dunker but still very simples. It made me feel good afterwards too as it wasn't loaded with carbs and it actually had some nutritional value. Yom. 

An added bonus was the beautiful Autumn sunset seen from my balcony. It's as if the weather approves of my dinner! 

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