12 November 2012

Read My Lips

Whilst pinning recently I came across this bachelorette idea. I decided it was a fun way to showcase my current lipstick collection. Since last blogging on the subject I have become a bit of a prolific lipstick fan - mostly due to the tighter dress code at work which forces me to look tip top at all times (lipstick is the quickest way to make it look as though you are wearing a lot of make-up even if you aren't). 

My collection is growing slowly but surely. Smushing my lips against a sketchbook doesn't actually do the colours justice. The Chanel 'Brilliant' is actually a very bright scarlet - my fave colour of the bunch. The Revlon 'Plum' is also much more vivid than in this picture. I smooth this one on and then blend with my finger for a stained look. Pale lipsticks do not work on me. They make me look washed out and my teeth slightly yellower than ususal. However, I insist on buying them. nude shades, pale pinks and most recently this lovely lilac from Barry M. 

This shade genuinely looks horrific on me but I have tricked myself into thinking it is cool and will no doubt be wearing it out at some point. 

What this little project has taught me is that I need more bright pink lipsticks in my life. Maybe a bright purple too. I do have a gorgeous YSL pink shade which I can't find. I hope it is not a casualty of my moving house. 

The problem I have with lipsticks is that they wear off quite quickly and leave a horrendous line around my lips which is gross  I don't know if this is a quality issue because it happens with the more expensive brands as well as the cheaper ones. I am going to try Hourglass next as they are notorious for creating products that stay where they are supposed to be. Does anyone else have any recommendations?

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  1. I have the same problem! especially if I don't put chap-stick underneath. If you find a solution please write about it .. I... AM... DESPERATE for one :)