25 November 2012

I Heart RE-Found Objects

Those of you that know me well will know that I am a bit of a hoarder. I love a trinket or two, especially something kitsch. When I came across RE in Liberty I fell a little bit in love. A Mexican travel altar for £3.50 you say? In neon yellow with neon pink stitching? I'll take two. A last supper tea towel? For £5.50? Done. 

Mexican Travel Altar £3.50

I am not a religious person but I do love a bit of Catholic imagery. Does this make me blasphemous? I'm not sure. One thing I am sure of is that I love this little travel altar. I love the idea behind it; a little altar that you can pop in your pocket for emergency prayer sessions. Cute as a button. 

Assorted Notebooks £3.00 each

Not only am I a sucker for useless bits 'n' bobs I am obsessed with stationery. Notebooks are a particular weakness of mine. RE produces some cool notebooks with monochrome designs on the front cover with bright pages. I bought these three as I really liked the designs. 

Hand Painted Tin Cans from £11.50*

More religious imagery on these painted tin cans. Again, I like the idea that even with the most mundane of objects you can create a beautiful piece of art. I haven't purchased any of these cans yet as I thought I may be able to make them myself. This might be wishful thinking. It will end up like that old woman who painted over the Jesus fresco (if you're unsure what I'm referring too, read this). If I give it a go, I'll give you a sneak peek. 

Day of the Dead Papier Mache Skulls from £38.00*

I love Halloween but Mexico's Day of the Dead is super cool. It is so much fun and gives everyone an excuse to drink Margaritas. When I have my own home I am going to buy tons of these skulls (or make my own) to have a real Day of the Dead celebration. 

I also bought some little charms for 50p a piece which I will show you at a later date. Cue DIY bracelet post. They also have some really cool home pieces like old school tapestry cushions, coloured pressed glasses and vintage cake stands. A new favourite place for me to buy homewares. 

*Photos from RE website


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