30 November 2012

Bye Bye Movember.

November has been a bit of a gruelling month. Trudging from shite house to shite house in an attempt to find my perfect first home has taken its toll. However, looking at all the lovely mos in London town has put a bit of perspective on my problems. Yes Movember seemed bigger than ever this year and while I am not a huge fan of facial hair, I was happy to see so many people taking part. The bf did not partake as he can't have facial hair for work but we supported the cause in other ways. 

One way I failed to support the cause was by wearing some cool mo-inspired Nail Rock wraps. I don't know if any of you have successfully stuck these wraps to your nails but I ended up with a horrific mess. Maybe I'm not patient enough for this sort of thing. I kind of whacked the thing on and tried to iron out the kinks. So didn't work. 

I had to put another picture of these on just to show how crap they were. The jagged edge is particularly comical as I spent about ten minutes trying to file it into shape. My nails would've looked so good if they had worked out :(

My mo worked out quite well! 

So it's bye bye Movember, hello December. The cold weather has already started and I am preparing for crazy shopping crowds, long work hours and plenty of hot chocolate to see me through. 

Donate to the Movember cause here.

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