3 November 2012

Birthday Jewels

One birthday, four necklaces. That's right, I got four necklaces for my birthday. Too much, you might think. Not me. I love necklaces. I don't really wear much jewellery but I love a good necklace. Here's a little run down of my birthday jewels.

1. This beautiful bee necklace made it all the way to me from France. My lovely friend Mademoiselle Greedy sent it to me from her new life in the land of amazing cheese. I love how it has a vintage vibe to it, the chain is so interesting. 

2. The first of the necklaces from my gorgeous mum. This one is a lovely swallow charm with a heart of gold. I love it. I don't really wear silver jewellery but I really like this and will be wearing it a lot. It is from a charming little shop in Christchurch called Eden. They don't have a website but if you're ever down south, it's worth checking them out for some hidden gems. 

3. I love this necklace. Long and bold it will go so well with all of the black clothes I have. I'm thinking black dress, black tights, black ankle boots, big whopping sparkly necklace. This necklace is also from my mum and Eden. 

4. Another statement necklace, I love this one too. This one is chunky and short in length and will work for day and night. Again from my mum and Eden. 

So thank you to my wonderful amie, B, for my Bee and the best mum in the world for the other three lovelies that will be adorning my neck in the upcoming weeks. 

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